Top 36 Gifts for Newcastle United Fans

Brainstorming gift ideas for Newcastle United fans is easier together. Right now I’m going to reveal some of the best tips that can help you to surprise the member of the Toon Army.

Although online stores have thousands of items which can satisfy almost every shopper, when it comes to presents for football fans, the products assortment isn’t really great. But what I have found out is that fun presents for Newcastle United supporters do exist. Now, let’s have a look at some of those inspiring gift ideas.

General Presents

The products that belong to general presents can satisfy every fan of the Magpies. Girls, boys, men, and women supporting Newcastle United will be glad to receive these things. That’s the reason why I’m going to start listing gift ideas in this broad section.


Football fans are not only good at singing anthems. They also love to play the ball. Another uncommon gift idea for the fan of Newcastle United is this high-quality ball with the club’s crest.

Phone case

Among millions of phone cases available in the online stores, it’s easy to get lost. But if you need to get a present for Newcastle United fan, you can find quite many phone cases related to the Magpies. They feature the images of the iconic players, the club’s magnificent stadium, Newcastle jersey, crest, and so on.


Wall stickers and posters have been around for a while and they never become out-of-date. This stylish poster related to Newcastle United has the highest quality. The club’s fan will definitely find where to place it.


The collection of books related to Newcastle United is quite big. The member of the Toon Army would love to get a hardcover gift such as “Newcastle United on This Day” by David Potter, “The Boy on the Shed” by Paul Ferris and Alan Shearer, “Rafa’s Way” by Martin Hardy, and so on.


Newcastle United bedding set looks somewhat Gothic. In fact, it can be a superb gift idea. People don’t usually expect to receive bedding set as a gift but when they do they usually appreciate it. Also, this high-quality bedding set is really soft and durable.


I was looking at various examples of Newcastle United memorabilia and found quite a few amazing things. The shirts signed by the superstars like Kevin Keegan and Paul Gascoigne are quite expensive. But there are more affordable offers like historical framed photos in gift boxes, funny mugs, St James Park street sign, or the book of newspaper headlines about Newcastle United.


Newcastle United edition Monopoly is a board game which will impress the supporters of the Magpies. While playing it, they will get an opportunity to deal virtually with the real team’s players and managers, construct new stands and even erect new stadiums while having so much fun.

Cake topper

A birthday cake decoration is an art. But if you want to have a truly unique cake topper that will be totally loved by the fan of the Magpies, have a look at this item. Newcastle United cake topper is a creative and artistic way to brighten up the fan’s birthday celebration. Of course, it won’t replace the other birthday presents but the cake topper is very affordable.


A wallet is a wonderful present because it can be used for many years. The official Newcastle United wallet is a stylish and durable accessory. The football club’s fan will certainly love to get it as a gift.


A gym bag is a good gift for someone who attends a swimming pool, a gym or likes to play football himself or herself. This particular bag has an image of Newcastle United crest. It makes this bag an ideal accessory for every Magpies fan.

Birthday card

This is one of the most stylish birthday cards I’ve ever seen. If the recipient is Newcastle United fan, you are definitely making the right choice.


A baseball cap is a simple gift but every fan of the Magpies will be glad to receive it. The highest quality and the crest of the favourite football club are making it a good value accessory.


If you are looking for the most inexpensive yet fun gift for Newcastle United fan, try this idea. A classic keyring with the football club’s crest is an affordable licensed present of the highest quality which will last for years.


This knitted scarf is designed for people with the crest of Newcastle United in their hearts. Some people even collect Newcastle United scarves, so the second or the third scarf won’t be unnecessary.


Metal cufflinks in a lovely storage box can be a wonderful and touching present to anyone who likes to wear cufflink shirts. These licensed set of Newcastle United cufflinks looks incredible. The club’s crest will put the smile on the face of every fan of the Magpies.


The official Newcastle United tea mug is another great gift idea. Although your friend or family member might have dozens of ceramic tea mugs, this one will certainly get a special place at the kitchen.

Bobble hat

Cosy bobble hats are popular among kids and adults. The hat with Newcastle United crest and a funny bobble is a cute gift for every member of the Geordies.

3d puzzle

Children and adults love to get creative and inimitable gifts. This St James’ Park 3d puzzle is an incredible example of such present. Newcastle United stadium’s replica will impress every fan of the Toon.

For Him

Most of supporters of Newcastle United are men. Therefore, many people are looking for the best gift ideas for a boyfriend, husband, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, dad, and grandpa. Of course, there is no such thing as one size fits all. However, there are numbers of excellent Newcastle themed gifts for men.

Retro shirt

A retro Newcastle United jersey of the best quality is not only a great gift idea for the older generation. The youth will also enjoy wearing it. The classic stripes of Newcastle’s shirts always remain the same. Old-fashioned design details look pleasing and remind us about the club’s victories and legends of the past.


A jersey of Newcastle United is probably among the most anticipated things to get as a present. If you present it for the member of the Toon Army, you can rest assured he is going to wear it with pride.


As expected from the official Newcastle United FC pyjama, it depicts the club’s crest and is proudly coloured in black and white. If he is the NUFC fan, it’s definitely a good pick for him. The good thing is that this men’s pyjama is available in several different sizes.

Polo shirt

The official Newcastle United polo shirt looks incredibly stylish. There is no need to advertise such a wonderful product so I just propose you to take a closer look yourself and make a decision. I’m pretty sure the Toon Army member will give you a big hug for such a lovely present.


The knitted Newcastle United beanie is not the most extravagant gift idea but it’s still a pleasant thing to get for a true fan of the Magpies. It features NUFC crest and keeps the head warm. And that’s already more than people normally expect from a simple beanie.


Newcastle United hoodie is another nice present. It looks very modern and NUFC crest ensures it’s going to be worn with pride.


A shower jacket with the crest of Newcastle United is a perfect gift for the season when the weather is rainy. But wait, it rains every third day even in summer in most parts of the UK. Therefore, don’t hesitate to present this NUFC coat to your friend or relative supporting the Toon.

Christmas jumper

This one can be a good Christmas gift but it can work just great in November and December. Christmas jumper related to Newcastle United is a lovely and inspiring example of a very kind-hearted present spreading love and happiness all around the world.

For Her

Ladies love football-themed gifts, especially when we talk about ladies from the Toon Army. If you need a present for a mom, sister, daughter, or auntie, who can’t imagine her life without Newcastle United, this section will help you to find exactly what you need.


This women’s Newcastle United shirt looks magnificent and I’m pretty sure it can become an awesome present for her. This high-quality women’s shirt is another example of a simple thing that can bring many smiles.

For Kids

Newcastle United FC has got many little fans ready to accept club-related presents. That’s exactly the moment when you can ask me what exactly the young supporters of NUFC like. The adults quickly forget what they craved for in childhood. Furthermore, things change rapidly and the popular presents transform as well. Below you’ll find some modern wonderful NUFC gift ideas for kids.


A mini kit for the mini fan is always a wonderful gift idea. Every young Newcastle United fan would love to get the original football kit of their favourite club. Little fans grow quickly so the next year you may want to buy them another kit of a bigger size.


This licensed set of gloves for kids with the logo of Newcastle United will make every little fan of the Magpies smile. It is one size fits all type of accessory so you shouldn’t be afraid to mistake with its size.

Baby blanket

Fleece blankets are always warm and convenient for children and babies in particular. Newcastle United FC official blanket makes a perfect gift for any child and baby if the Magpies are supported in their family.

Stationery set

This set is a useful and sort of unusual gift for a child supporting the Toon. The office kit itself may be not too valuable. But the crest of Newcastle United decorating every piece of the set is a game changer.

School bag

This Magpies backpack has an outstanding design. It can be used as a gym bag, a school backpack, or, for example, as a beach bag. While there are multiple ways to use it, the little fan will always enjoy the stunning crest of Newcastle United on it.

Lunch box

As for me, a lunch box is definitely a fantastic gift for a kid. The only detail you should know – not all kids want to bring their food from home. So I’d rather ask the child’s parents about this idea before actually buying one. Other than that, you can’t mistake getting a stylish lunch box with the crest of Newcastle United for the club’s little supporter.

Baby bodysuit

A lovely bodysuit won’t leave indifferent young parents. But if these parents support Newcastle United, you should definitely consider getting them a cosy NUFC themed bodysuit as a gift.

Baby bib

Getting presents for a baby is always fun because those gifts are the cutest. Among the most wonderful NUFC-themed gifts for babies is this bib with the crest of the Toon.


Pyjama for boys is another lovely Newcastle United themed present. I noticed that people rarely gift sleepwear so your present has all chances to stand out among the others. The club’s official boys pyjama is available in several sizes.

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