Sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the right present. Picking the gift, first of all, you need to consider the person’s needs. So it’s better if you know what their talents and hobbies are or what problems they would like to solve.

All Arsenal fans are connected by the warm feelings towards their favourite football club. If you are trying to choose a Christmas gift for this kind of person, it’s a good entry point. The tips below are arranged into groups for your convenience.

General Presents

All types of gifts belong to the general category. It’s a versatile list that is not gender or age-specific. Most of the items offered herein are a great reward for nearly any supporter of Arsenal.

3d puzzle

Emirates stadium 3d puzzle

Emirates Stadium is an epic building that belongs to the world’s most magnificent arenas. A 3d puzzle can hardly be called a popular Xmas gift. But a 3d puzzle of Emirates Stadium is even a rarer item. The receiver will adore this piece of art, and it’ll constantly remind them about you.


Arsenal ball

Many people who enjoy watching football also like to play this game from time to time. The essential part of this sports activity is the ball. It’s hard to play football without it. The Gunners’ official ball features the team’s badge, and it’s a fantastic choice of a gift for a fan of Arsenal.


Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club

A good book is a treat communicating with you, sharing something funny, or something that relates to you. “Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club” is a superb example of a book that can be presented to a Gooner.

Phone case

Arsenal phone case

Most people use phone cases to protect their smartphones from drops and falls. They may make your gadget appear a bit less aesthetic, but at the same time, they help you stand out. The official Arsenal FC hardback case is a slim and stylish accessory of the highest quality. An outstanding choice for a real fan!


Arsenal monopoly

It’s hard to find a person who has not heard of the best family board game in the world. But did you know Monopoly has an exclusive Arsenal FC edition? The novelty is a perfect present for someone who enjoys dinner party games, especially if he needs to study math and economics.


Arsenal сap

Licensed team caps are extremely popular. You probably see the team’s supporters wearing them all year round. Some people even wear them in bars and at home when they watch the big games. An adjustable strap ensures it’ll fit a person of any age.


Arsenal wallet

Another inexpensive way to impress a Gooner is to buy the official nylon wallet. The red and black accessory is neither too small nor too big. It provides an excellent value for the money and serves for years.

Bobble hat

Arsenal bobbie hat

A beanie hat with a pompom is a great item for any adult or teenager supporting Arsenal. It can be a timely purchase anywhere between autumn and early spring, especially during the Christmas season.


Arsenal bedding

The team’s official single duvet set looks impressive. It’s made of a comfy material – a blend of natural cotton and synthetic polyester. People rarely get such an item from their family and friends. So it’s quite an extraordinary gift.


Arsenal bag

Another example of a popular offering for any sports fan is a branded bag. It features the well-known symbols of the club. It’s suitable for all ages, both females and males. The drawstring bag is a nice fanwear, most suitable for carrying uniforms, the second pair of shoes, the bottle of water, and similar small items.


Arsenal keyring

A minimalistic metal keyring with Arsenal FC crest is a basic souvenir suitable for various occasions. It’s not too big and not too small. Therefore, its size is perfect to fit in the palm of the adult’s hand.


Arsenal mug

The official mug of the Gunners is a popular Christmas gift idea. You can never go wrong with it because all people drink beverages. They use all sorts of glasses, mugs, and cups, and you never have too much of them in the kitchen. It’s an average-sized mug, suitable for various drinks.


Arsenal poster

Tasteful wall art emphasizes certain aspects of interior design and helps uncover your interests and personality. The licensed Arsenal poster is self-explanatory. The team’s fan will for sure find a proper place to hang it.


Arsenal curtains

The unique red curtains with Arsenal FC print look pleasing and stylish. If the receiver already has the team’s official bedding set – they are a perfect combination. The curtains are made of nice thin cotton. It’s ideal for the shadow side of the house.

Birthday card

Arsenal birthday card

The Gunners-style b-day card is a terrific addition to all other gifts. As usual, the card goes with the envelope. So if you need to send it to your far-away friend, it’s going to be a cakewalk.


Arsenal cufflinks

That’s an extraordinary reward which suits remarkable people. Make sure the receiver enjoys wearing cufflink shirts. Otherwise, you may want to get a proper shirt too. As long as it’s the team’s fan, he or she will be inspired by this kind of present.


Arsenal scarf

Scarves are irreplaceable in winter, especially when you have to spend over 90 minutes at the stadium’s seat and the weather is windy, and it’s freezing. Therefore, the official team’s scarf is an awesome Christmas gift for every Gooner.

Cake topper

Arsenal cake topper

Who doesn’t like to eat a piece of cake at a birthday party? The extravagant b-day cake decoration will make the evening even brighter. The proposed cake topper has the highest quality and works well with cakes of all types, including ice cream.


Arsenal canvas

The poster is an epic award that will satisfy any fan of Arsenal. You can bet that the receiver has never seen such a wall art picture before because it’s truly rare. It’s a quite big frameless artwork with high definition and tons of tiny details.


Arsenal memorabilia

One-of-a-kind gifts are the most inspiring and touching. Here is an example of how close you can get to gifting something purely exclusive. The autographed photo set of the legendary players steeped in the taste of the unforgettable moments of glory. Choose one of the pieces of the team’s memorabilia if you are searching for something never-to-be-forgotten.

For Him

The list of the gifts for male supporters of Arsenal FC is quite long. After examining the items proposed below, you might generate another idea. It may be something similar or completely different. At least you have the basis from which you can narrow down your search.


Arsenal pyjama

Not all men wear pyjamas, but some of them don’t because they’ve never had a chance to try. Buying a pyjama for a man is risky. Chances he won’t be wearing it. If that’s the case, try purchasing the wonderful Arsenal pyjama set that looks just like the team’s training kit. He may not use it as a sleepwear but put it on at home on hot summer days.


Arsenal coat

Comfortable clothes are always a brilliant offering. Not all men love shopping, so here is your chance to show care and attention towards his interests. The jacket with the beloved crest is a killer idea for a Christmas gift, as long as you pick the correct size.


Arsenal hat

A knitted hat is an instant classic. Many generations of the club’s supporters have been wearing similar hats, and they will never lose popularity. The official hat looks basic but handsome at the same time.

Retro shirt

Arsenal retro shirt

If you are acquainted with a man who would love to appear like a time traveler at the Emirates stadium in this old-school shirt, you know what to do! The apparel is not only popular among senior citizens. From time to time, you can see younger fans wearing it too.

Dressing gown

Arsenal dressing gown

The club’s official robe is an outstanding choice. The man can use it after bath, watch football games wearing it, or even go to a pyjama party. The contrast trim of the dressing gown looks very stylish, and your man will be impressed.

Christmas jumper

Arsenal christmas jumper

Even Harry Potter enjoyed wearing a knitted sweater on Christmas, but he couldn’t imagine a novelty jumper of this kind! If you want to reward the man you care about with something bright, unusual, and handy, then you know what you should do.


Arsenal jersey

The official shirt is worth its weight in gold for the real lover of Arsenal FC. If you know the Gooner who deserves a special bonus from you, the jersey of his favourite club may be exactly what’s needed.


Arsenal socks

Not many people consider socks during present brainstorming sessions. But what’s wrong with it? Socks can be a marvellous bestowal, and especially for a man. The high-quality socks are made of special fabric – thermal, thick, and soft – superb stuff to put into the Xmas stocking.

Polo shirt

Arsenal polo shirt

Most people have favourite shirts in their wardrobes. The particular apparel looks so nice it has the potential to get the badge of the dearest polo shirt in his collection. Considering its athletic design and restrained colors, many men will enjoy owning it.


Arsenal hoodie

Hooded jackets are very cosy and are accepted pretty much everywhere as appropriate attire. A hoodie with the crest of the beloved club is a gem. Its vibrant colour will make the man wearing it appear younger and prettier.

For Her

Ladies often love football. You can find some of the biggest admirers among them and some wonderful players too. The particular section lists some of the Arsenal-related stuff you may want to buy for your mom, sister, wife, daughter, or female colleague.


Arsenal women's shirt

A woman’s jersey of the treasured team is a fantastic choice. The sportswear features modern moisture-absorbing technologies. The fabric is very soft, lightweight, comfy, and durable.

For Kids

Children are fond of football very much, and, of course, they love Xmas presents. There is a smaller streamlet of Gunners-related stuff in an unending stream of the things you may buy for kids. Look below and find what suits you best.

Dressing gown

Arsenal kids dressing gown

Here is why so many boys and girls adore their dressing gowns: they are warm, can be used as a bathrobe, and look stylish. The big badge of the dearest football club is an additional reason to put it on again and again.

Baby bodysuit

Arsenal baby bodysuit

The babies don’t care what to wear, but when they grow up, they might see an old photo and ask: “Who did I get this fantastic bodysuit from?” Do you get where it is going? This high-quality attire is stunning, and it’s meant to satisfy someone who was born to be a Gooner.

Boxer shorts

Arsenal boy's boxer shorts

The boxers featuring the supported football club’s crest are an awesome present for any boy. The item is available in various sizes for guys of different ages. These boxer shorts are elastic and, at the same time, are mostly made of high-quality cotton.

Fleece blanket

Arsenal fleece blanket

Cheap fleece blankets are prone to shedding, but you shouldn’t be worrying about it today. The official Arsenal FC blanket is superior in quality. Kids enjoy being wrapped up in soft fleece blankets, especially on Christmas.

Baby bib

Arsenal baby bib

It’s recommended to buy baby bibs in advance because they tend to get dirty quickly. You never have enough bibs when the baby is learning to hold the spoon. The funny print of this bib eases the difficulties of the important period of life for a young family.

Stationery set

Arsenal stationery set

The offered set includes materials for writing, doodling, and art. Each piece of stationery contained in the box has a logo of Arsenal FC. The school-age supporters may find tons of ways how to use it in class and at home.

School bag

Arsenal school bag

It’s never easy to find the right school bag for a boy or a girl, especially for a teenager. Parents often try hard, but they don’t always understand what their kids want. The school bag with the Arsenal logo on the front is classy, indeed. Many little fans will be delighted to own it.


Arsenal kids gloves

The warm knitted gloves are necessary for any active child who spends time outdoors in winter. Visiting the Emirates Stadium on Boxing day, playing snowballs with the classmates, and making a snowman on the backyard is way more convenient when the child wears the amazing brand new pair of gloves!


Arsenal kids kit

Another astonishing Christmas gift idea is the official football kit. Millions of adults are crazy about the shirts of their beloved teams. As for the little fans, the sports kits are highly valued among them too.

Lunch box

Arsenal lunch box

Have you ever seen a lunch box that may be called a true masterpiece? No matter what you answer, the Arsenal lunch box will probably impress you. It can be used to bring packed food to school, at the football match, or when you go out on a picnic.


Arsenal boys pyjama

Choosing a groovy pyjama for a kid is not a simple task, because who knows what they consider cool. Luckily for the little Gooners, the particular outfit has no chances to dissatisfy them. It looks iconic, and it’s a fabulous bounty for them.