Are you looking for fresh Christmas gift ideas for Manchester United fans? This article will help you quickly walk through the best merchandise that every MU supporter will appreciate.

Today there are tons of goods accessible online to satisfy shoppers. However, when it comes to a necessity to quickly find an ideal Xmas gift for someone who loves the Red Devils, it’s not an easy task. Hopefully, you’ll find something suitable for your family members and friends in the list below.

General Presents

The general category of Man U goods is huge since its purpose is to satisfy people of different ages belonging to various groups. If you are not searching for something particular for a man, a woman, or a kid, I suggest that you start looking below. Tons of relevant Christmas gifts are listed here.


Manchester United scarf

The knitted scarf with the club crests is an instant classic. Many people wear similar scarves during football matches, so your friend should have this attribute in their collection too. For sure, it’s an officially licensed product, so that you won’t be disappointed with its quality and durability.


Manchester United bedding set

The bedding set contains one bright single duvet cover and one lovely pillowcase with your favourite football club’s colours. Bed linen is a great MU-themed Christmas gift both for an adult and a kid.


Manchester United memorabilia

There are quite many exciting and unique goods that we may call Man United memorabilia. Among the greatest items to mention are football shirts personally signed by the club’s legends, framed photos, personalized mugs, and so on.


Manchester United mug

A fine tea mug is always appreciated in the UK. But of course, your relative or friend deserves something truly special. The official licensed ceramic tea mug will instantly increase the heart rate of every fan of the Red Devils.


Manchester United poster

A maxi poster features the squad of Manchester United dressed in a traditional red kit. It’s printed on paper of the highest quality. You can’t go wrong with the choice of the poster if you know people who love Man Utd.


Manchester United curtains

Among numbers of Manchester United Xmas gift ideas, curtains are like nothing else. It’s truly unique, unexpected, and relevant. Ready-made curtains can be easily attached to any pole or rail. It’s a convenient feature of such an outstanding bedroom accessory.

Cake topper

Manchester United cake topper

Many people love decorating their cakes, but most cake toppers are similar. Indeed, it’s hard to be unique each time. Luckily for the supporters of Manchester United, the amazing cake topper is at hand. It will certainly make your cake special – no matter whether you are decorating the cake for a b-day party, Christmas, or any other holiday!


Manchester United wallet

Everyone loves cool wallets – especially the ones full of cash. The official MUFC wallet is pretty basic but stylish. The durability is fine, so there are no reasons why someone might not like to get the wallet with the crest of their best-loved football club.

Phone case

Manchester United phone case

The number of phone cases available today is whopping. If you are searching for a perfect Manchester United phone case, there are plenty of options as well. You may want to choose the case depicting one of the club’s superstars, the retro-style case, or even a customisable case with your name and the MU logo on it.


Manchester United bag

The stylish bag with the string is great for carrying an exercise kit, sports footwear, and other belongings. It’s both suitable for adults and children who may put their PE kit inside. Also, you may use it as a beach bag and definitely in many other wonderful ways.

Birthday card

Manchester United birthday card

A birthday card is a traditional supplement that often goes along with other presents. The b-day card is cheap, but it always brings a smile to the face of anyone who supports Manchester United.


Manchester United cap

Baseball caps are ultra-popular among people visiting the stadiums. Therefore, make sure your friend still doesn’t own such an accessory. The cap is affordable but not too cheap – a sweet spot for many readers. It looks stylish, and you can’t be wrong with the size, so it’s a win-win scenario.


Manchester United ball

Who doesn’t want to have a great football to score goals like their best-loved striker? The great Manchester United ball is a godsend. It’s bright, functional, and long-lasting. Some of the designs are so bright they can even be used as a decoration in the living room. Sometimes people put them next to the posters of their favourite footballers or personal photos.


Manchester United canvas

Print canvas with Manchester’s football legends is another great example of an ultra-creative Christmas gift. The canvas is completely ready to hang. It’s convenient because hanging things on the walls is a real nightmare if you only have a few instruments in your house.

3d puzzle

Old Trafford Stadium 3d puzzle

If you are searching for something jaw-dropping, try to check the 3d puzzle. Old Trafford Stadium is a living legend and a symbol of several epochs. The 3d puzzle with easy fit technology requires accuracy and hours of dedication. But as soon as the set is assembled, your friend will enjoy it for years.


Manchester United: The Biography

Many people consider books as an excellent Xmas gift. There are several relevant book ideas, including “Manchester United on This Day” by Mike Donovan, “Manchester United: The Biography” by Jim White, and “Sir Matt Busby: The Man Who Made a Football Club” by Patrick Barclay. Perhaps you should also go for the autobiographies by Michael Carrick, David Beckham, and Sir Alex Ferguson.


Manchester United cufflinks

Some people like cufflinks, while others don’t. It’s important to think it over before getting this item for someone you want to surprise. MU-themed cufflinks look fantastic in a pretty little gift box. It’s a durable product of the highest quality – a brilliant present for someone who works in the office.


Manchester United monopoly

A Monopoly board game is a nice thing to have in your house. The recommended age of the players is 8+, and everything else is not important! On top of everything else, the Manchester United Monopoly game teaches the financial basics and encourages kids to do the math.

Bobble hat

Manchester United bobble hat

A warm and comfortable bobble hat with a heart-warming MUFC crest is a cute accessory. Surprisingly, the warm hat featuring a pom-pom has got military roots, but today it’s much more popular among women and kids. Many different types of designs are at hand.


Manchester United keyring

A keyring with the team’s crest may sound like a very simple and cheap device, but it’s still beautiful. At the end of the day, the holiday is not about the value of the presents, but more about taking care of the others. You can’t go wrong with such a little pretty Christmas gift!

For Him

Are you searching for a decent Manchester United Christmas gift for your boyfriend, brother, cousin, nephew, or dad? The number of options is practically endless. Hopefully, the list below will help you to find something truly awesome.


Manchester United jersey

The home jersey is the symbol of the Red Devils, known and respected all around the world. The lightweight, breathable apparel is great to wear in any weather conditions. Modern high-tech jerseys keep the players dry and warm, giving them a superior feel.


Manchester United hoodie

The official hoodie is a cute garment. It features soft, high-quality fabric and a minimalist design keeping things nice and casual. The club’s crest and abbreviation make it especially sweet for the true supporters of the team.

Retro shirt

Manchester United retro shirt

A retro shirt can impress the older Manchester United fan who might still remember the days when the footballers didn’t dye their hair on the eve of each new game. Enjoy the top quality of 100% authentic polyester jerseys with the logos and design patterns that wrote the history.

Polo shirt

Manchester United polo shirt

The team’s official crest on the polo shirt is a meaningful symbol for those who support the Reds. The perfect fabric texture makes people feel comfortable when they wear these polo shirts. They are also up for grabs in different sizes and colors.


Manchester United pyjama

Manchester United pyjama is a romantic, funny, and cute choice – all three in one. It has superb quality and looks very creative and eye-catching. It’s available in different sizes and can be used for sleeping, chilling, daytime strolling, or pyjama partying.

Christmas jumper

Manchester United Сhristmas jumper

A fashionable sweater is probably the cutest imaginable Christmas gift. We all know that Santa usually wears Red. No one knows what’s his favourite team, but this jumper is special for those who love Manchester United.


Manchester United coat

Want to start a coaching career but have no idea where to begin? Hopefully, the MUFC coat can help you. In such an outfit, you’ll feel like one of the big bosses at the bench of the Red Devils. And who knows where it leads!

Dressing gown

Manchester United dressing gown

How to support the favourite team even in the bathroom? By wearing a very special dressing gown. The official red robe is fantastic. It’s a certain layer of warmth even on the days when the Reds don’t win.


Manchester United hat

Prepare to stay warm in style. The official knit hat with the team’s crest is another simple yet fun gift. Wearing such a unique hat will make any person stand out. At least, they won’t get lost at the stadium.


Manchester United socks

Men love stylish socks because they are simply irreplaceable. You can never have too much of them. A pair of men’s Manchester United socks offer warmth and comfort, both literally and metaphorically.

For Her

Many ladies support MUFC, and they love to get football-themed gifts. Luckily for them, some amazing stuff with a team’s logo is available exclusively for mums, grannies, sisters, daughters, wives, and girlfriends.


Manchester United women’s shirt

Women’s red MU shirts look notably great. It can be super handy when the lady you care about goes to Old Trafford for the next big game. The modern football jerseys are lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable, making this apparel suitable for all weather conditions.

For Kids

Children are often very devoted to their favourite teams. The children’s category of gifts combines all the items related to the little supporters of Manchester United. Among the lovely items listed below, you’ll find essential offerings for boys, girls, and even babies.


Manchester United kids kit

Even the youngest MUFC fan wants to have a real kit of their dearest football team. Youngsters grow fast, so the kits come in different sizes and colours. It’s always a fabulous opportunity to make them happy.

School bag

Manchester United school bag

The team’s crest and the distinctive design of the backpack will make the little fan stand out. The everyday school bag with cosy adjustable shoulder straps will be appreciated by boys and girls loving Manchester United.

Lunch box

Manchester United lunch box

Some children hate taking lunch boxes, but parents know that packed lunches tend to be healthier than the other food the students usually eat at school. If your boy or girl takes packed lunches to school, you can make them proud of their awesome lunch box.

Stationery set

Manchester United stationery set

The classy stationary set consists of several office accessories, including a notebook, coloured pencils, a sharpener, rubbers, and so on. There are many ways to use it at home, school, and office. Of course, it’s not a purchase of the year, but it’s very useful.


Boys and girls love to play with snowballs, and gloves are irreplaceable in this context. Of course, Manchester is not the world’s snowiest place. But there is no harm in having gloves in your pocket on a cold English winter day. If you want to get a cosy and stylish accessory for a kid, the set of gloves is a striking choice.

Dressing gown

Manchester United dressing gown kids

The dressing gown is essential apparel, especially in winter. Fleece robes are great to put on after the shower or bath, and they are so soft that it’s simply hard to resist wearing them. Unlike the other clothing for kids, a dressing gown will fit them for several years.


Manchester United boys pyjama

A rare find like this pyjama is hilarious. It wouldn’t be easy to find brighter sleepwear for a boy. The pyjama is available in different variations, and it’s certainly a groovy opportunity to impress any youngster from the red part of Manchester.

Boxer shorts

Manchester United boys boxer shorts

These boxers feature the team’s crest, which is certainly an important sign for millions of people worldwide. Who knows, maybe they are going to become someone’s lucky pants! Of course, this high-quality set is available in different sizes.

Baby bodysuit

Manchester United baby bodysuit

Little lovely MU-themed bodysuits are excellent gifts that will be warmly welcomed by the team’s supporters who have a baby. These super-soft cotton bodysuits are available in several sizes for your convenience.

Fleece blanket

Manchester United fleece blanket

Wrapping up in a cosy blanket provides an amazing feeling on a winter night, especially during the Christmas holidays. Every baby in the world loves the little fleece blanket when it’s cold. Thus, it’s not only a twee present but also a very necessary thing to have in a family with a baby.

Baby bib

Manchester United baby bib

Are you looking for something cute for a baby? How about a bright bib with a rare design! The official licensed accessory is made from a soft, high-quality material. Now the baby’s football kit won’t get dirty during lunch. Daddy will be so much happy to see his little boy or girl wearing such a bib.