Top 42 Gifts for Manchester United Fans

Looking for fresh gift ideas for Manchester United fans? I’ve got you covered! This article will help you to quickly walk through the best gift patterns which will be appreciated by every Man Utd fan.

Today it seems there are tons of things available online to satisfy every shopper. However, when it comes to a necessity to quickly find an ideal gift for the fan of the Red Devils, it’s not an easy task. I’ve been there and it took me quite a while to come up with something really fun and unhacked. Therefore, I decided to compile this list. Hopefully, thousands of Man United fans, their family members, and friends will be blessed to find this information.

General Presents

This category of Man U goods is huge since its purpose is to satisfy the large sections of the public. If you are not looking for something particular for a man, for a woman, or for a kid, I suggest that you start looking in this section. I’m sure you can find something pretty amazing below.


This knitted scarf with Manchester United text and club crests is an instant classic. Every true fan should have this attribute in his or her collection. For sure, it’s an officially licensed product so you won’t be disappointed with its quality and durability.


This bedding set contains one bright single duvet cover and one lovely pillowcase with your favourite football club’s colours. This can be a great Man Utd themed gift both for an adult and for a kid.


There are quite many exciting and unique things that we may call Man United memorabilia. If you are looking for the most special gift ideas you are likely to find what you need in this category of merchandise. Among the greatest things to mention are Manchester United shirts personally signed by the club’s legends, framed photos, personalized Man U mugs, and so on.


A wonderful tea mug is always a great gift in the UK. But this mug is truly special. The official licensed ceramic tea mug is a simple yet vivid gift which will instantly increase the heart rate of every fan of the Red Devils.


A maxi poster features the squad of Manchester United dressed in traditional red kit. It’s printed on paper of the highest quality. You can’t go wrong with this choice of a gift for Man Utd fan.


Among numbers of Manchester United gift ideas, curtains are like nothing else. It’s truly unique, unexpected, and very relevant. I’ve asked a few of my friends supporting Man United, and they have all agreed that this gift is simply terrific.

Cake topper

Every time someone has a birthday in our family we start asking ourselves how to decorate the cake. We all like unusual things but it’s hard to be unique each time. Luckily for the fans of Manchester United, now they have this amazing cake topper. It will certainly make your cake special!


Everyone likes cool wallets. This official Manchester United wallet is pretty basic but nonetheless stylish. The durability is fine. Every fan will certainly love to have the wallet with the crest of their favourite football club.

Phone case

The number of phone cases available today is whopping. If you are looking for a perfect phone case for Manchester United’s fan there are plenty of options as well. You may want to choose the case depicting one of the club’s superstars, the retro-style case, or even customizable case with your own name and Man U logo on it.


The gym bag is an ideal gift for someone who loves sports. Speaking about the gym bag with Manchester United club crest, it’s a wonderful gift for every Red Devils’ fan. This modern bag with the string is great for carrying an exercise kit.

Birthday card

This gift is as simple as it is but it can be an excellent supplement that can go along with the other birthday presents. A birthday card is cheap but it will certainly bring a smile to the face of any fan of Manchester United.


Baseball caps are ultra-popular among the football fans. Therefore, I would first check whether my friend still doesn’t have such an accessory in his or her wardrobe before I get a gift like this for the fan of Manchester United. In any case, it’s a very stylish accessory.


Who doesn’t want to have a great football? I think every person related to the fan movement would love to get a ball as a gift. This wonderful ball with Manchester United crest is a truly nice present which can be gifted for any occasion.


Print canvas with Manchester United’s legends is another great example of an ultra-creative present. The canvas is completely ready to hang. It’s pretty convenient because hanging things on the walls can be a real nightmare if you only have one or two instruments in your house, just like me.

3d puzzle

If you are looking for something really amazing which many fans of Manchester United didn’t even see in their lives, try to check this 3d puzzle. Old Trafford Stadium is a living legend and a symbol of several football epochs. This 3d puzzle with easy fit technology will require dedication and accuracy from your friend. But as soon as the set is assembled, your friend will enjoy it for years.


If your Man Utd fan loves to read, I’ve got several book ideas which should be excellent for a special occasion. Have a look at “Manchester United on This Day” by Mike Donovan, “Manchester United: The Biography” by Jim White, “Sir Matt Busby: The Man Who Made a Football Club” by Patrick Barclay or perhaps go for the autobiographies by Michael Carrick, David Beckham, and Sir Alex Ferguson.


Some people like cufflinks, while the others just don’t. Make sure that the person who is going to get this gift from you actually uses this accessory. In any case, Manchester United themed cufflinks in a gift box is a very stylish and unusual present.


Monopoly board game is a nice gift for anyone. But when it comes to Manchester United Monopoly, it’s simply a fantastic gift for every Man U fan. The recommended age of the players is 8+ and everything else is not important!

Bobble hat

Warm and comfortable bobble hat is a great gift. But if the hat is related to Man Utd and has a heart-warming MUFC crest, such a gift becomes ten times more valuable than a regular bobble hat!


A keyring with Manchester United crest is a classic gift. It may be very simple and cheap but it’s still beautiful. You can’t go wrong with a little pretty present like this!

For Him

Are you looking for a decent Manchester United gift for your boyfriend, brother, cousin, nephew, or dad? The number of football-themed gifts for men is practically endless. The list below will help you to find some of the most awesome Man United gifts for him.


Home jersey of Manchester United is a perfect gift for every club’s fan. This high-quality T-shirt is great to wear in any weather conditions. Simply choose the needed size and enjoy gifting this wonderful present!


Official Manchester United hoodie is a cute present. The club’s crest and abbreviation are making this garment especially sweet for every true supporter of the Red Devils.

Retro shirt

A retro shirt can be a great gift for older Manchester United fan who still remembers the days when the footballers didn’t dye their hair on the eve of each new game. Enjoy the top quality of 100% authentic polyester jerseys with the logos and design patterns which wrote the history.

Polo shirt

The official crest of Manchester United on the polo shirt is a pleasing symbol for every fan of the Red Manchester. The quality of these polo shirts can satisfy everyone’s needs.


A pyjama is an excellent football gift that will be appreciated by every fan of Manchester United. It has superb quality and looks very creative and eye-catching. It’s also available in different sizes.

Christmas jumper

This one is probably the cutest imaginable Christmas gift. I knew from childhood that Santa’s Elf was Red but this jumper looks really inspiring for every fan of Man United.


Want to start coach career in Manchester United but have no idea where to begin? This coat can help you. In this outfit, you’ll actually look like one of the big bosses at the bench of the Red Devils.

Dressing gown

How to stay Man Utd’s fan even in your bathroom? You’ve got to have this wonderful fleece gown on the shelf. This official red robe looks awesome and should be a perfect gift for every team’s supporter.


Prepare to stay warm in style. This official knit hat with Manchester United crest is another simple yet fun present.


Men love stylish socks. A pair of men’s Manchester United socks is among my favourite gift ideas and each of my friends would love to get a simple but touching gift like this.

For Her

Ladies supporting a football club love to get football-themed gifts. Luckily for us, some amazing things are available for mothers, sisters, and daughters, specifically with a logo of Manchester United.


Probably the best gift for her is the official Man Utd jersey. Women’s red MU shirts look especially great. They will be very handy when the lady you care about is going to come to Old Trafford for the next big game.

For Kids

Children can be very devoted to their favourite teams. This category of gifts combines all presents related to the little fans of Manchester United. Among the lovely items listed below, you can find essential gifts for boys and girls. Some baby presents are also available.


Every young Manchester United fan wants to have a real kit of their favourite football team. As little fans grow fast, it’s always a wonderful present for any occasion.

School bag

The crest of Man United and the distinctive design of this backpack will make the little fan stand out. This modern school bag with cosy adjustable shoulder straps will be appreciated by every kid loving Manchester United.

Lunch box

Some kids really don’t like to take lunch boxes but parents know that packed lunches tend to be healthier. If your kid is taking packed lunches to school, you can make him or her proud of this little cool lunch box. Manchester United lunch box is a fantastic gift.

Stationery set

This classy stationary set consists of several necessary things including a notebook, coloured pencils, a sharpener, rubbers, and so on. Of course, it’s not a present of the year but it’s a very useful gift.


Kids love to play snowballs and gloves are irreplaceable in this context. If you want to get a cosy and stylish gift for a kid, this set of Manchester United gloves should be an awesome choice.

Dressing gown

This dressing gown is an absolutely essential thing. It should be owned by every little Manchester United fan. Fleece robes are great to put on after the shower and they are so soft that it’s simply hard to resist wearing it.


This pyjama is simply hilarious. I can hardly remember seeing better sleepwear. It’s available in different variations and every young fan of Manchester United will love to get such a gift.

Boxer shorts

Manchester United crest on the boxers is an important sign for every little true fan. Of course, this high-quality set is available in different sizes.

Baby bodysuit

Little lovely Manchester United themed bodysuits are excellent presents that will be warmly welcomed by every team’s supporter who has a baby. These super soft cotton bodysuits are available in a number of sizes for your convenience.

Baby blanket

Wrapping up in a cosy blanket provides an amazing feeling on a cold night. This little fleece Manchester United blanket will be loved by every baby in the world but especially if the baby is the fan of the Red Devils.

Baby bib

Looking for a little cute present for a baby? A bright Manchester United bib is an awesome gift for every little supporter. Now the baby’s Man United kit won’t get dirty during the lunch!

By the way, if you’d like to read a detailed article about Old Trafford stadium, don’t miss this great opportunity. It provides tons of unique helpful tips for the football fans travelling to Manchester.

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