Are you stuck searching for fresh ideas on what to gift to a true fan of Liverpool FC? While the options seem endless, it’s often hard to find great Christmas presents for people who have pretty much everything related to their favourite club.

The article below should help you find the most innovative and unique Xmas gift ideas for LFC fans. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful and share the ideas with your family and friends.

General Presents

A general gift related to Liverpool FC can be pretty much anything as long as it has the distinctive crest, colours, and style, or maybe something attributed to the club’s glorious historical victories, legendary players, and fan movement in general. Below you’ll find a hand-picked roll of items to complete your Christmas wishlist.


Liverpool monopoly

Monopoly is the #1 board game in dozens of countries worldwide. Many adults and children love to play it. But have you ever heard about Liverpool FC Monopoly? Check it out, and be sure it’s a killer Christmas gift idea!

3d puzzle

Anfield stadium 3d puzzle

A beautiful 3d puzzle featuring Anfield is an incredible item that should leave the team’s fan speechless. A strikingly detailed mini-copy of the stadium looks adorable. Kids and adults won’t stay indifferent. It takes a few hours to complete the puzzle, and the assembled stadium will be bringing them joy for years.


Liverpool ball

Fans all over the world not only watch the games on TV. They love to kick the ball just as much as their idols. Therefore, almost every true fan would love to get a brand new football. You can even have the Merseyside derby in your backyard when you have the official ball.


Liverpool canvas

Club-related canvas is a very special item. Many people find it a superb decoration for their rooms and offices. Premium wall art features thrilling prints of the highest resolution, and the option to choose what inspires you most of all is at hand.

Birthday card

Liverpool birthday card

When you are buying a birthday gift for a Liverpool supporter, don’t hesitate to get a relevant card as well. If it looks official enough, they may think it’s from the bosses of the team. Play around with this idea, and you’ll transform it into a good joke. If you are rich enough, then how about putting a ticket for the big match inside.

Cake topper

Liverpool cake topper

The unusual decoration takes even the simplest cake to a whole new level. Liverpool cake topper is a perfect example of such garnishing. The proposed item is a lovely addition to all other birthday gifts. It’s a perfect combo to make the b-day boy or girl happy!


Liverpool memorabilia

Liverpool’s memorabilia includes some of the most exclusive ideas. Here are a few examples that might help you to start the search. Imagine their reaction when they get Steven Gerrard signed and framed 2005 Champions League Final shirt, the official street sign of the club, printed autograph and photo of Mo Salah, or the team’s European cup photo collection.


Liverpool bag

A branded backpack is something practical and versatile. The comfy adjustable string makes it ideal for carrying pretty much anything, including an exercise kit, a second pair of shoes, a small sports inventory, or diapers and snacks for a toddler.

Phone case

Liverpool phone case

There are so many wonderful Liverpool-themed phone cases available online. Among them are the official cases with the crest, the legendary liver bird, the images of Anfield, and the portraits of the famous players.


Liverpool keyring

Such a minimalistic keyring may seem a little bit childish. But if you think about it deeper, we are all just big kids. The keyring is simple and affordable, but it’s still a nice way to make someone’s day brighter without breaking the bank.


Liverpool wallet

The wallet is a very necessary, durable, and stylish accessory. Please give it to any family member, and it’s going to be accepted with gratitude. Don’t forget to include some money in the new wallet to ensure good luck for the recipient.


Liverpool bedding

The bedding set is a very unusual and unexpected Christmas present for a kid or an adult. It’s a rare thing ensuring real pleasure and warm feelings for years. Both the duvet cover and pillowcase have classic red and white colours.


Liverpool cufflinks

It’s a very special gift which won’t fit every person, but it’s for the better. If you have a buddy who loves to wear cufflink shirts, you should choose this stylish accessory. They look quite extravagant, so rest assured everyone in the office is going to notice it.


Liverpool scarf

Wherever in the world you go, people are going to recognise the classic knitted scarf of your favourite club. The traditional colours and text make it self-explanatory. The only problem is that many true fans already have a similar scarf. Anyway, it’s a brilliant one.

Bobble hat

Liverpool bobble hat

If you are looking for a simple, cosy, and cute little present, a bobble hat should work just fine. A warm and comfortable bobble hat can even save someone’s life on a freezing evening at the stadium, so you shouldn’t underestimate it. As long as you wear the official Liverpool bobble hat on your head, you’ll never walk alone!


Liverpool cap

If you want to choose a stylish Liverpool accessory, look no more. There are various great caps at hand, and they are super popular among people of all ages. Choose the ideal cap for your family member or friend and grab one for yourself too.


Liverpool mug

A ceramic tea mug certainly doesn’t sound like something super fancy, but it’s a nice choice when it comes to little and simple treats. A licensed red tea mug has the potential to become someone’s favourite cup. Therefore, don’t underestimate it.


Liverpool poster

Many people love to decorate their living spaces, garages, lockers, and other similar places with posters. If you know such a person, the team’s maxi poster will be appreciated. The item has the highest definition and professional print quality.


Red Odyssey book

There are many book lovers among people who are passionate about the world’s most popular ball game. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you may start looking at “Red Odyssey: Liverpool FC 1892-2017” by Jeff Goulding, “Ring of Fire: Liverpool into the 21st century” by Simon Hughes, and “Klopp: Bring the Noise” by Raphael Honigstein.

For Him

Boyfriends, brothers, cousins, nephews, daddies, and granddaddies deserve to get the best from people who love them. Life is short, and it’s important to give little and big treats to people who play an important role in our life. There are many Liverpool-themed items suitable specifically for men. You may start the brainstorming session, but first, take a glance at the list below.


Liverpool jersey

The club’s official home jersey is probably the best apparel the supporters would love to have on their shelves. This genuine shirt is bright and has an outstanding world-class quality. Modern jerseys are very cosy, light, and water-resistant, and ideal in all weather conditions.

Retro shirt

Liverpool retro shirt

A retro Liverpool shirt should be super special for an older friend, father, or grandfather. It’s wonderful to have an option to buy a 100% authentic retro jersey with the crest of the favourite team. Imagine all the stories these retro shirts can tell! Many people will almost start time travelling after putting it on.

Dressing gown

Men’s hooded fleece dressing gown with the crest of his favourite FC is brilliant apparel. It’s always comfy to have pockets in the nightwear. This jaunty red robe can become the man’s number one thing to wear at home for years.


Liverpool coat

The exclusive men’s shower jacket is a cool thing to have in the car if the weather changes rapidly, which happens quite often in Britain. The item features embroidered club crest. The genuine quality of this product allows using it for years.


Liverpool socks

A pair of club-related men’s socks is always to the point for a football enthusiast. Although it’s cheap, many men value the fact that you care about them. Thus, price doesn’t matter. The relevant design proves your commitment to his hobby.

Polo shirt

Liverpool polo shirt

A polo shirt with a crest of Liverpool is more versatile comparing to a jersey. People even wear such shirts to restaurants, and they look and feel great. As usual, you shouldn’t worry about the genuine quality of the original apparel.


Liverpool hoodie

The official hoodie of a beloved club is a stylish garment. It would fit a boyfriend, teenage brother, or a daddy just as great. Many men of different ages love hoodies, and it looks truly nice. Different sizes are at your disposal.


Liverpool pyjama

Men’s short pyjama is an intimate gift. The girlfriends and wives can surprise their men by making such a terrific choice. A pyjama is a rare gift that emphasizes how much you care about the man. Plus, it looks gorgeous!

Christmas jumper

Liverpool Christmas jumper

Liverpool’s knitted Christmas jumper is such a lovely gift for him. Picture the fans marching dressed in the team’s official sweaters under the lights of the garlands! It’ll immediately make you feel the warmth of Christmas and the holiday joy.


Liverpool hat

A knitted hat with an LFC crest is just a little present, but it’s very meaningful. First, it shows that you take care of the man’s health. Second, it shows that you know about his football preferences. Therefore, gifting a beanie for Xmas is a great way to say a lot without words.

For Her

Liverpool-themed gifts for her are less assorted. Nonetheless, the club has plenty of supporters among mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, and wives. The list below reveals some of the best ideas to impress them.


Millions of ladies love soft and cosy hoodies. Some of the girls and women are also big fans of Liverpool. That’s why they are going to fall in love with this hoodie. As usual, the apparel is up for grabs in different sizes.


If you are looking for a little present for a female supporting LFC, the nice pair of Liverpool-themed mittens is a good option. The cute accessory will help her to stay warm during the long winter months. And she’ll repeatedly remember the person who shared this warmth with her.


The pair of socks is a minimalistic and sort of romantic Christmas gift that certainly won’t break the bank. High-quality and convenient socks with the logo of the beloved team are a nice little treat. It’s good for women and teenage girls of all ages.


Women’s underwear is more intimate than the other stuff on the list. Get it for a wife or a girlfriend supporting your favourite team, and she will love it. The prints are nice, and the ladies will enjoy wearing those briefs.


Liverpool women’s shirt

The women’s shirt with the crest of the dearest team is a heart-warming garment for any lady. The quality of this licensed product is outstanding. Modern sportswear is very comfortable and suitable both for strolling and an active lifestyle.

For Kids

When it comes to kids, the gift industry is enormous. The number of choices is so broad the adults easily get confused. Another big question is how to choose the present which will stand out. Modern children have practically everything! If the child has a hobby, e.g., football, it’s a good starting point. Below you’ll find quite a few helpful tips.


Liverpool kids kit

A genuine kit of the favourite football club is invariably a superb option. Kids overgrow clothes very fast. Therefore, don’t worry if the child already has Liverpool’s kit. You just need to get a bigger size.


Liverpool kids pyjama

The pyjama is another cool present for boys loving Liverpool FC. It’s available in different sizes, so if two brothers support the Reds, they can get identical pyjamas. The quality of the licensed product is superb, as usual.

Lunch box

Liverpool lunch bag

The lunch bags allow parents to make sure their children eat healthier food at school. All parents should care about their kid’s health. Therefore a bright and theme-specific lunch box is always a groovy purchase. It’s very handy, and the design looks pretty.


When children wear their favourite gloves, they get additional warmth coming from their hearts. A great mood makes them walk in the park, play snowballs, and make snowmen enthusiastically. Among numerous Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls, this one is really warm.

Dressing gown

Liverpool kids dressing gown

This children’s dressing gown with the colours and the crest of their favourite FC is a superb present. It’s comfortable clothing to wear at home. Kids can put it on after the bath or shower. Also, some of them might take a nap in the gown.

Stationery set

Liverpool stationery set

The stationery set includes plenty of useful stuff in the box. Those pencils, sharpeners, and erasers are necessary for schoolchildren and pre-schoolers as well. Of course, the office kit is decorated with a stylish Liverpool FC design to make those who never walk alone happy.

Boxer shorts

Liverpool boys boxer shorts

If you still can’t find what to buy for boys, consider these high-quality boxer shorts featuring the team’s crests. This cool football-themed item is available in several sizes. Various designs are also at hand.

School bag

Liverpool school bag

It looks very modern, stylish, and bright. It’s quite spacious to be used both as a school bag and as a sports bag. Having an appropriate backpack is extremely important because badly fitted school bags may lead to back pain and the development of bad posture. The official product is designed with care for your children.

Baby blanket

Liverpool baby blanket

What a lovely little blanket that is! It’s hard to imagine a nicer Xmas gift for a baby. A cosy blanket is always necessary on a cold night. Hopefully, the heart-warming crest of the Reds will make the nights spent under the blanket calmer.

Baby bib

Liverpool baby bib

Such a lovely bib is a fun and useful accessory that will instantly smile the baby’s parents. Since it’s cheap, you can take it as an addition to the bodysuits, baby blanket, or perhaps some other presents from the list above.

Baby bodysuit

Liverpool baby bodysuit

Now it’s time to dress up babies whose parents support Liverpool FC. The soft and vivid cotton bodysuits are truly adorable. Babies and especially their parents will be grateful. It’s also suitable for photoshoot sessions.