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Welcome to everyone!

My name is Andrii Brusniak. I am the founder of Worldstadia.com and the author of articles you can find here. Football is my passion.

My exploration approach resulted in years of travelling experience in addition to 39 stadiums visited in 12 different countries. I travel around the world with the one and only aim – to see major football arenas with my own eyes.

Andrii Brusniak at San Siro

My team preferences include such legendary clubs as Inter Milan, Chelsea F.C., Borussia Dortmund.

I constantly do the in-depth research to provide the freshest highlights, key facts, ticket prices and other essentials out of the box. Find the best bars, cafes, and restaurants near the arena. Take the advantage of diverse hotel exploration featuring lists of cheap and high-rated venues to stay for a night or two. My stadium guides are not just about football, they are about vital tips you may need for your trip.

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