Key facts

Address Shebab, Baghdad, Iraq
Capacity 34,200 seats
Build Date 1966


Al-Shaab Stadium is located in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. This all-seater venue is capable of hosting 34,200 people. Although it is a multi-use stadium, it is mainly used for football matches.

Al-Shaab Stadium was constructed in 1966, and for forty-seven years, it was the home of the national team of the country, which now uses the Basra International Stadium built in 2013. The stadium fully belongs to the country’s government.

Al-Shaab Stadium has been the venue of a range of major sports events, such as the Arab Club Champions, the World Military Cup, and many others.

It used to the biggest stadium in the country, but the situation changed when the construction of Basra International Stadium, a stadium capable of hosting 65,000 people, was completed.

The renovation of the stadium started in 2010. It cost nearly 4 million dollars and included renovating the pitch, repacking the athletics track and seats, and more. The works were conducted by several foreign companies, including those from the UK, Sweden, and Russia. Everything was completed within just several months.

New renovation was initiated in 2015, and it included painting, installing new floors, renewing the electric system, and more.