Key facts

Address Al Abageyah, Qesm Al Khalifah
Capacity 35,000 seats
Build Date 1979


The Arab Contractors Stadium is located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is a pretty large multi-purpose stadium that is currently mainly used for football games. It is also referred to as Osman Ahmed Osman Stadium after the founder of Arab Contractors, of the large contracting firm.

The Arab Contractors Stadium is a permanent home ground of FC Masr. The ground is also used by Al Mokawloon, another local football clubs. All in all, the stadium is capable of hosting 35,000 people. The Arab Contractors Stadium was founded in 1979. This is an all-seater stadium that features all of the needed facilities.

The sportive complex features the Olympic swimming pool, and there is also a hotel with thirty rooms, three suites, sauna, WCs, gym, and other facilities. There are also two stadiums that can be used for training, two volleyball ground as well as two basketball stadiums. The Arab Contractors Stadium also features four tennis courts, two open restaurants, four cafeterias located in the gardens, and other facilities. There is the running track around the pitch.

There is an official Facebook account of the stadium that allows browsing photos and following the latest news of the venue.