Key facts

Address Tehran, Iran
Capacity 78,000 seats
Build Date 1973
Record Attendance 128,000


Azadi Stadium is located in the city of Tehran, Iran. It is an all-seater stadium mainly used for football matches. The opening ceremony took place in 1971. It was specially constructed for the Asian Games that took place in 1974. The stadium was also the venue for the Asian Cup that took place in 1976. Azadi Stadium has been several times the venue for the final games of Asian Champions League. A range of other major sports events also took place on the ground.

It used to be referred to as Aryamehr. Currently, it is the permanent home of the national football team of the country. The stadium used to be capable of hosting around 100 000 people until some renovation works began in 2002, which resulted in adding more seats and changing the pitch. A range of other changes was also made, which decreased the capacity of the stadium to nearly 78,000 people.

The stadium is located within the large Azadi Sports Complex, which features swimming pools, pitches, facilities for weightlifting, and other sports facilities.

Since 1976, the F.F.I.R.I. kept applying for being chosen for hosting the Asian Cup, but due to the local rules banning women from visiting stadiums like this one, no bids were accepted. Since 1982, women living in Iran have not been allowed to visit Azadi Stadium.