Key facts

Address Frog Lane, Parsons Road, Hamilton
Capacity 8,500 seats


Bermuda National Sports Centre is a large sports complex located in Devonshire Parish, Bermuda. The total capacity of the stadium is 8,500 people. It is mainly used for football matches. The ground used to be used by the Bermuda Hogges for their home games. Bermuda National Stadium was constructed on the ground that used to be a field used for sporting events and parades within Prospect Camp.

There is also a cricket ground located near the Bermuda National Stadium, which has the same name. It is mainly used by the Bermuda cricket team. The first cricket games took place on the ground in 1955. It was the match between Bermuda and E. W. Swanton’s XI. Over many years, the ground was used for different cricket games, including first-class cricket matches. In 2009, the ground hosted the first List A match when the home team played against Uganda, and in one year, there was also the match between Bermuda and UAE.

In 2011, the Bermuda team was relegated from World Cricket League Division Two, and the future of the ground is not certain yet. The pitch at the stadium is often said to be of poor quality. Unlikely, the ground can be used for international matches.