Celtic Park

Key Facts

Address Kerrydale Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, G40 3RE
Capacity 60,411 seats
Build Date 1892
Record Attendance 83,500

Celtic Park


Celtic Park (also referred to as Parkhead and Paradise) is located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. The stadium is capable of hosting more than 60,000 people. It is mainly used by Celtic F.C. for their games and training. It is also the 6-biggest UK’s football stadium.

Celtic was constructed in the autumn of 1887. The highest attendance in Celtic was noted in 1938 when 83,500 people visited it. Several renovations were conducted during the late 1950-early 1970. Due to the Taylor Report, all large stadiums had to provide only seated places by 1994, and this was also the case for Celtic. There was not enough money for financing major renovations of the stadium in the 1990s. However, in the spring of 1994, the situation significantly changed thanks to the supervision of F. McCann. He implemented the plan, according to which the standing terraces of the stadium were destroyed and new seats were installed. All of the works were completed in 1998.

The park has hosted many Cup and international games. Before the WWI, Celtic Park was a venue for different sports events. It has also been used for opening ceremonies for a range of major events, such as the Commonwealth Games. It has also been a venue for a range of music concerts.

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