Key facts

Address Stadium Road, Qinyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan
Capacity 40,000 seats
Build Date 1991
Record Attendance 40,000


Chengdu Sports Center Stadium (also referred to as Sichuan Provincial Sports Centre) is a sports stadium located in Chengdu, China. It can be used for different purposes, but currently, it mainly hosts football games. Chengdu Sports Center was one of the venues chosen for the FIFA Women’s World Championship that took place in 2007. All in all, six games were played in the ground during the World Cup.

It was opened in the December of 1991. The stadium used to be the home ground of the Chengdu Blades (Chengdu Tiancheng), a football club that plays in China League One, which is the 2nd tier of the football pyramid in China. The football team played in the stadium for twelve years from 1999 to 2011, until moving to Shuangliu Sports Centre, a stadium with the total capacity of 25,000. Chengdu Sports Center Stadium is also the former home of Sichuan Guancheng, a football team that stopped its existence in 2006 due to breaking competition rules.

Chengdu Sports Center Stadium has also hosted various music concerts. For instance, in 2008, it was used for the concerts of Avril Lavigne, and in 2015, it welcomed Big Bang, a boy band. The latter concert was visited by around 30,000 fans. Mariah Carey also sang in the stadium in 2014.