Key facts

Address 3 Jones Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 3, Ireland
Capacity 82,300 seats
Build Date 1884
Record Attendance 90,556


Croke Park is a GAA stadium, which is located in Dublin, Ireland. It is named after A. T. Croke. The stadium is used as the principal stadium as well as headquarters of the GAA. It is really the best of Irish sports stadia, which belongs to the GAA, and according to its rules, it can only be used for Gaelic Games. Also, it is the largest amateur sports stadium in the world.

The site has been used by the GAA since 1884. It was the venue for the 2013 opening as well as 2013 closing ceremonies of the Special Olympics. There has been a range of music concerts and various international games held at the ground.

Croke Park was also used instead of the Aviva Stadium, which was available for a certain period of time. In the 1990s, the redevelopment took place at the stadium, which resulted in the increase of its capacity up to 82,300. This is how it became the 3rd largest stadium in Europe.

Away fans

There is no segregation of supporters for GAA matches. However, Dublin fans are usually offered to use Hill 16 during the Dubs games.


Fans will find plenty of refreshments to suit any preferences right at the ground.

Admission prices

The admission prices are available from 21 pounds.