Key facts

Address Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 7597, 1424 CABA
Capacity 62,000 seats
Build Date 1938
Record Attendance 100,000 (River Plate-Racing Club, 1975)


The Monumental stadium (also referred to as the River Plate stadium) is a stadium located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was opened in the spring of 1938. Currently, it is the biggest stadium in Argentina, thanks to a capacity of 62,000 people. The Monumental stadium is the permanent home of the Argentina national football team as well as River Plate.

The stadium was chosen the main venue for the Pan American Games that took place in 1951. In 1978, it also hosted the FIFA World Cup, including the final match between the Netherlands and Argentina. Also, the Monumental stadium held the Copa América Final in 2001.

When the project was designed, it supposed to have four stands, but there was not enough money to cover all of the expenses. That is why it was made in a horseshoe shape. When the first tier Colonia stand was constructed, the capacity of the stadium reached 90,000 people. In 1978, the stadium underwent renovation, which resulted in the reduction of the capacity to 76,600 people. In 1975, around 100,000 people visited the Monumental stadium during River played Racing, which became the highest attendance. The current stadium capacity is planned to be increased up to 80,000 people, and the club is looking for funds.

The stadium can also be used for other types of sports, including basketball, tennis, and swimming. There are many parking places available near the ground. The Monumental stadium is easily reachable by buses and trains.