Key facts

Address Doha Ring Road, Doha, Qatar
Capacity 40,000 seats
Build Date 1976


Khalifa International Stadium is a stadium in Doha, Qatar. It is located within the Doha Sports City complex. The stadium was named after the ex-Emir of Qatar. It has held a range of major events, such as AFC Asian Cup final that took place in 2011. In 2022, it will be used for the FIFA World Cup. According to the GSAS, the stadium deserves a 4-star rating. Moreover, it was the first stadium to be awarded such a high rating.

It was constructed in 1976, and in twenty-nine years it was significantly renovated, which allowed increasing its capacity up to 40,000 from 20,000. That was preparation for Asian Games that took place on the ground in 2006.

Thanks to the renovation, the western side of Khalifa International Stadium is now covered with a roof. There is also an arch built on the eastern side.

Before the stadium was renovated, it had mainly been used by football clubs. However, it also had enough facilities for different kinds of sports.

Today, it is used by matches and training of the national football team. It was also used for the match between Brazil and the UK that took place in 2009, for the match between Argentina and Brazil that was held 2010, as well as for a range of athletics games. The reopening of the stadium after redevelopment took place in 2017.