Key facts

Address Sigatoka
Capacity 12,000 seats


Lawaqa Park is a multi-use stadium located in Sigatoka, Fiji. It is a pretty small city with the population of only 9,622 people.

Lawaqa Park is capable of hosting 12,000 spectators. Currently, it is mainly used for rugby as well as football games of the national and local teams. The last major competition Nadroga Rugby Union (NRU) took place at the ground in 2018.

Lawaqa Park owned and run by The Fiji Sports Council that is headquartered in the same city. The rating of the stadium on Good reviews is 4.4 out of 5 based on 34 reviews. There are many people who find this stadium great for rugby games. Lawaqa Park has also been used for athletics competitions, boxing matches, music concerts and other purposes.

This is the second largest sporting arena in Fiji after the National Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium located in Suva, Fiji that has the total capacity of 15,000 people.

Lawaqa Park was constructed in 1997, and it has a grandstand suitable for 3,500 people. The other spectators can find places on a grass embankment. The stadium features rugby pitch of an international size as well as a 400-meter grass track. There are also grounds for netball, football, and volleyball.