Key facts

Address Nauru, Micronesia, Oceania
Capacity 3,000 seats
Record Attendance 3,000


Linkbelt Oval is a multi-purpose stadium located in Aiwo, one of the districts of the Republic of Nauru. The stadium was built by the Nauru Phosphate Corporation, which fully belongs to the government. Today it is known as the Republic of Nauru Phosphate. It used to control phosphate mining in the republic. The other name of the stadium is the Aida Oval that was given after the athletic organization, which uses it as a permanent home ground.

The rough surface and the age of the stadium do not meet the requirements of international competitions. The stadium is used for different kinds of sports, including traditional football and football played according to Australian rules. There are the offices of NAFA located in the stadium. This association is responsible for organizing championships and other games.

The highest attendance in the stadium of 3,000 people was noted in 1999 during the finale of a championship. The stadium has a playing field as well as temporary grandstands of a small size that are mainly used during major matches. There is no natural grass in the stadium, and its surface is covered with dirt and dust from phosphate. The maximum stadium capacity is approximately 3,000 people.