Key facts

Address Beach Road, Oleai
Capacity 2,000 seats


Oleai Sports Complex is located in Saipan, the biggest island of the Northern Mariana Islands. The venue is suitable for different kinds of sports, but currently, it mainly hosts football matches of local football teams, and it is also the permanent home of the national team of the Islands. This is not a very large stadium, which capacity allows it to host only approximately 2,000 spectators. The playing surface of the pitch is covered with natural grass, and there is also a running track around the pitch.

The complex is operated by the government of the Islands. There is a gymnasium for volleyball and basketball games as well as a weight room located within the complex. Oleai Sports was the venue of Micronesia Athletics Championships that took place in 2005. It is also used for training of away athletics teams as well as for small baseball competitions. The stadium is often used for training of youth. There is the covered stand in the stadium, and there is a pretty large area dedicated for standing places.

It is possible to find the official Facebook account of the stadium, which allows checking out a range of photos and videos related to different events that take place in the stadium.