Key facts

Address Palestine St. (Al Thawra St.), Gaza City, Gaza Strip
Capacity 10,000 seats


Palestine Stadium is a national stadium located in the city of Gaza, the Gaza Strip, The State of Palestine. The ground used to be used by the national football team. It is a medium-sized stadium that is capable of hosting of 10,000 people.

The stadium was attacked by Israel in 2006, and due to a bomb, the crater was formed right in the center of the pitch, which made it impossible to use the ground. FIFA made a promise to provide finances to repair the ground, but the stadium was bombed again in the autumn of 2012, leaving 4 large holes on the ground. This resulted in major damages in the stadium and the nearby facilities. Moreover, 162 people were killed due to this attack. It was calculated that the renovation works would cost millions of pounds. Many famous football players signed a petition against these actions, and it was even demanded that Israel must not be chosen for hosting UEFA tournaments.

After the FIFA’s readmission, no football games were played by the national team on the Palestine territories for security reasons until 2008. Since that year, the national football team has been using Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium that is located in Dahiat al’Barid St and is capable of hosting 12,500 spectators.