Key facts

Address Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland
Capacity 7,500 seats
Build Date 1925
Record Attendance 7,412


Richmond Park is a stadium located in Dublin, Ireland. It is the permanent home of St Patrick’s Athletic F.C. The ground is located in the area that used to be used by the British Army for recreational purposes.

Brideville started to use the ground in 1925, and in five years, it was replaced by St Patrick’s Athletic. The site was significantly developed; however, in 1951, when the club entered the League of Ireland, the stadium appeared to be unsuitable for them, which made St Patrick’s Athletic use a range of other grounds. They still wanted to return, so the renovation was needed. The ground was ready to host the club in 1960 after a pretty serious development. Another redevelopment that took place in 1989, but due to financial difficulties, the club was not able to return to the ground until 1993.

In 1983 and 2003, the stadium was chosen for the League of Ireland Cup final. From 2001 to 2004, the ground was used by Shamrock Rovers. In 2005, 10 games of Dublin City were played in the ground.

In 2006, St Patrick’s Athletic qualified for the FAI Cup Final, so the capacity of the stadium had to be increased. In 2011, during the game between ÍBV of Iceland and Pats, a fan fell through the wooden board, which led to the closure of the top half of the stand for the whole year.

Soon, all wooden boards were substituted with safe ones. In 2013, about 50 thousand euro was donated to the club for changing wooden flooring to metal.

In 2018, the club announced an intention to leave the stadium to move to the St Michael’s Estate site, which is planned to have 12,000 seaters and shopping facility.

Away fans

Away supported can find places on Camac side or at the ends of the main stand.


There are two shops located in the ground.

Program and fanzine prices

The programme is available at £2. Fanzine can be purchased for £1.

Admission prices

The price for an adult ticket is £13. Students can purchase a ticket for £6. The price for a child ticket (under 16 years old) is £4. OAP is available at £6.


There are plenty of pubs located in the stadium including McDowells, Black Lion, Horse & Jockey, The Village Inn, and others.