Key facts

Address Industriestrasse 657, 9492 Eschen
Capacity 6,000 seats
Build Date 1975


Sportpark Eschen-Mauren is a stadium located in the city of Eschen, Liechtenstein. Although it is suitable for different kinds of sports, it is mainly used for football matches. It is the permanent home of USV Eschen/Mauren, a football club from Eschen and Mauren. The stadium was constructed and opened in 1975, and it is one of the oldest stadiums in Liechtenstein. In ten years, the stadium was used by the Pope John Paul II for his sermon, which attracted 35,000 people. It used to be the national stadium of the principality, but the situation changed when the Rheinpark Stadion was open in Vaduz.

The stadium used to be capable of hosting around 2,100 people. Its seating capacity was 600. Thanks to the efforts of both Eschen and Mauren, the stadium was significantly renovated in 2005, which increased the total capacity of the stadium up to 6,000 people. Now it is a complex with a range of modern and convenient facilities, including club sports, school sports, and more. There are several natural grass pitches and an artificial turf field. Sportpark Eschen-Mauren is suitable for athletics, handball, hockey, and many other kinds of sports. The stadium is regulated by the municipal councils of Eschen and Mauren.