Key facts

Address Aleja Bb, Bihać
Capacity 7,500 seats
Build Date 1983


Stadion Pod Borićima is a stadium located in Bihać, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina situated on the banks of river Una. It is a multi-purpose stadium that is mainly used for football matches. Stadion Pod Borićima is the home of NK Jedinstvo Bihać, a local professional football club. NK Jedinstvo Bihać was founded in 1919, and the club has been using the ground since it was opened.

The construction of the stadium was completed in 1983 and renovated in sixteen years. It used to have a capacity of 7,500 people, but today it is able to welcome 16,000 people. Stadion Pod Borićima is an all-seater stadium. There is also a running track around the pitch and the seats are partially covered. There is an official Instagram account of the stadium, allowing viewing photos from football matches and checking out the stadium’s facilities. Stadion Pod Borićima is often used for interactional matches.

For many years, Stadion Pod Borićima seemed to be helpful for the club to win because rarely visiting clubs could beat them, but it has been already more than 10 years since the club played the last time in the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club’s website does not exist anymore and it the further fate of the stadium remains unknown.