Key facts

Address Port Stanley FIQQ 1ZZ
Capacity 5,000 seats
Build Date 1989


Stanley Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. This is the permanent home ground of the national football team of the Islands. Due to the sovereignty conflict, the team cannot participate in major official competitions, like the Copa América and the World Cup.

It is a multi-purpose stadium that can also be used for different kinds of sports, in particular, for cricket, but it is mainly used by different football teams.

It is a pretty small stadium that can only host around 5,000 people. According to one review found on the Internet, the stadium does not even have bleachers; however, it does allow enjoying the magical feeling of watching football matches in the island.

The stadium was constructed in 1989 and renovated in 2000. The following are also the teams that use Stanley Stadium:

  • SeaLed PR;
  • Stanley Football Club;
  • Kelper Store;
  • Chandelry Football Club;
  • Islas Malvinas.

There is no much other information about this stadium, but based on the photos published by its visitors on the Internet, it seems like this is a very simple stadium without any special facilities. There is no information on whether it has any seats or stands.