Key facts

Address Whitton Rd, Twickenham TW2 7BA
Capacity 82,000 (rugby)
75,000 (American football)
Build Date 1907
Architect John Bradley
Who is the owner of Twickenham Stadium? Rugby Football Union
Pitch Size 125 m by 70 m
Nickname Twickenham, Twickers
Surface Desso GrassMaster


Twickenham Stadium was originally purchased in 1907 by William Williams, the first stands were built on either side of the pitch in 1909 and along with the mounds of earth at the ends of the pitch could hold in excess of 10,000 spectators.

Over time the terrace on the south end of the pitch was extended back untill it was a giant concrete raft, This is where the ‘heart of twickenham’ was said to dwell.

The next addition to the home of English rugby was the two tiered lietch designed north stand that had seating on top and a terrace bellow. During the 30’s a second tier was added to the orginal east and west stands to further increase the capacity.

The stadium stayed in this way untill the early 80s when a two teired south stand was built to replace the old and by now unsafe giant south terrace. This stand was not ideally suited to the ground and was eventually demolished in 2005. During the late 80s a plan for the stadium was put in place that is still being put into place at the time of writing (04/07). The old north stand was demolished and a three tiered all seated structure was built in its place in time for the 1991 rugby world cup final. The next stand to be torn down was the east stand which was replaced by a similar three tiered all seated stand. In 1995 the old west stand was torn down and in its place a stand identical to the east stand was built. The south stand was torn down in 2005 and replaced by an identical stand to the north making the stadium into a uniform bowl shape, fully inclosed for the first time in its history. Although at the time of writing the south stand roof and the hotel inside the south stand are not completed all of the seating was in place for the autumn internationals making the stadiums legendary atmosphere even better.


Triple Crown, a short walk from the stadium is a must on an england matchday.


Bars and food stands are located around the grounds. Most of the food is available behind the NW corner of the stadium.

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How to get to

By Car. Twickenham Stadium is located on the northern side of the A316 as you head into London.

From the M25, you exit at Junction 12 onto the M3. Stay on this road, which becomes the A316 after a few miles. Over several bridges and directly across a roundabout you approach a second roundabout a hundred yards or so past the Stoop on your right (Harlequins Rugby Ground). You will see Twickenham Stadium on your left.

At the roundabout turn left and then straight over the mini roundabout. The stadium entrance is on the left.

By Train. Twickenham Stadium is approximately 10 minutes walk away from Twickenham Station. When you get off the train you will be able to see the Stadium, from there follow directions