Key facts

Address Bath Road, Roseau
Capacity 12,000 seats
Build Date 2007


Windsor Park is located in a venue located in the city of Roseau, the Commonwealth of Dominica. This venue is suitable for different kinds of sports, and it is used as the national stadium. Cricket games are mainly hosted on the ground. It is also used for other events, including the music concerts, competitions, and others.

Windsor Park matches the high standards of the ICC. It is all-seater stadium with can host 12,000 people, as well as such facilities as a media center, digital scoreboards, private boxes, a complex of the players, and 5 different cricket pitches.

The name of the ground was inspired by Windsor, the UK. It used to be Cow Town, a quite popular venue for different sports events, carnival events, as well as animal racing. In 1999, the ground was going to be used as a stadium. However, after all of the objects preventing constructing the new venue were demolished, the idea was forgotten until 2005.

Windsor Park was constructed as a result of the good relations between the Dominican and Chinese governments. It actually was a gift that cost $17 million dollars. The construction of Windsor Park was completed in 2007, and the official opening took place in the autumn of the same year. The stadium was also chosen to be the venue of the eleventh WCMF.