Key facts

Address Avenida Veiga Cabral s/n, Macapa, State of Amapa 68909-093
Capacity 13,680 seats
Build Date 1990
Record Attendance 10,000


Estádio Milton Corrêa that also referred to as Zerão is located in Macapá, Brazil. Although it is suitable for different kinds of sports, it is mainly used for football games. Zerão is the home ground of several football clubs, including the following:

  • Santos;
  • Amapá;
  • Oratório;
  • Macapá;
  • Trem;
  • São Paulo.

The stadium was constructed in 1990. It is able to host 10,000 spectators. The name Zerão came from the fact that it is located on the Equator, and ‘Zerão’ means ‘Big Zero,’ meaning the zeroth latitude. Zerão belongs to the Amapá State Government.

When the stadium was opened, it was named Ayrton Senna da Silva, a Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula 1 World Championships. The first football match was played in the same year between Independente and Trem, which resulted in the victory of the first one with a score of 1-0. The first goal was scored by Mirandinha, a player from Independente. The record attendance of 10,000 people was noted during the same match.

In 1994, when Milton de Souza Corrêa, the ex-president of Football Association of Amapá state, died, the stadium was renamed after him. In 2007, the stadium was closed for renovation that lasted for 7 years. It was open again in 2014.