Key facts

Address East Park Street, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Capacity 2,200 seats
Build Date 1921
Record Attendance 4,500


Christie Park is a stadium located in Huntly, Scotland. It is the permanent home ground of Huntly F.C. It is not a large stadium, which total capacity reaches about 2,200 people. The places are mainly standing, and there are only 270 seats.

It was constructed in 1921 under the name of Strathbogie Park, and it was called it for five years. It was, eventually, named after P. Christie who purchased the ground and gave it to the football club.

In 1975, there was an incident during the football match, where supporters going toward the exit of the football field pushed the match’s referee. As a result, the stadium was announced to be closed for a couple of months the next year. The football club had to pay a £100 fine, and they had to ensure the presence of police officers every time they played their home matches. That was a very unusual situation and punishment for Scottish football. Moreover, it was the very first time, when the football club was closed for a certain period of time.

The highest attendance at the stadium took place in 1995 when Christie Park was visited by 4,500 people. It was during the match between Dundee United and Huntly, which resulted in a victory of the away team with a score of 3–1.