Key facts

Address Klabundgasse 19, 1190 Vienna
Capacity 5,500 seats
Build Date 1921


Hohe Warte Stadium is a stadium located in Vienna, Austria. It is suitable for different kinds of sports, but it is mainly used by football matches. It is the permanent home of First Vienna F.C., and time to time, it is also used by the Vienna Vikings, an American Football team, as well as for Austria international rugby union matches. The field size is 100 m x 64 m.

Hohe Warte Stadium was opened in 1921, and at those times, it was the largest sports venue in Europe. From the 1920s to 1930s, the Austrian national football side used the ground for its matches. The highest attendance at the stadium is 85,000 people that took place in 1923. When the Prater Stadion was constructed in 1931, Hohe Warte stopped being the largest stadium in Austria. Right after WWII, it was also occasionally used a movie theater.

The stadium is built as an amphitheater, three sides of which feature grass banking, which gives a thrilling green appearance. There is the modern main stand located on the fourth side. The part of the stadium is closed due to safety considerations, which means that it is actually suitable for only for 5,500 people. However, it is still pretty popular and attracts lots of people.