Key facts

Address Vienna
Capacity 25,000 seats
Build Date 1912
Demolished 2014


Pfarrwiese used to be a stadium located in Vienna, Austria. Although it was a multi-purpose venue, it was mainly used for football matches. It was the permanent home of SK Rapid Wien. Due to its structural features and specific atmosphere, the Pfarrwiese is considered one of the most legendary venues in Viennese football. The capacity of the stadium was pretty high — it could host up to 25,000 people.

Pfarrwiese was constructed in 1912. Following the Rapid Wien success (the team won 5 of the first 8 championships), the need to increase the capacity of the stadium up to 8,000 people occurred. In 1919, around 15,000 people came into the stadium to watch the match against top-flight MTK. Over the next several years, there was a range of improvement and renovations made, and in 1929, Pfarrwiese stadium had a total capacity of 24,150 people.

It operated for sixty-five years and then was closed in 1978. Pfarrwiese was replaced by Gerhard Hanappi Stadium that had the total capacity of 18,500 people. Gerhard Hanappi Stadium was demolished in 2014 to so that the Allianz Stadion could build in 2016. All of the three sports venues have been used as the home ground by SK Rapid Wien.