Key facts

Address Ag. Dimitrios St., 54638, Thessaloniki, Greece
Capacity 27,770 seats
Build Date 1960
Record Attendance 47,458 (Greece-Switzerland, 15 October 1969)


Kaftanzoglio Stadium is a large stadium located in the city of Thessalonica, the 2nd largest city in Greece. Kaftanzoglio Stadium was opened in 1960, and at that time it was the best sports stadium found in the Balkans. The construction of the venue was funded by the Kaftanzoglou Foundation, and that is why it got its name.

It was chosen for the Olympics that took place in 2004, and that is why it had to be renovated to match the high standards of the major event. Its total seating capacity had been increased up to 27,770 people. At the beginning of 1982, it still was the biggest stadium in Greece, until the Olympic Stadium was constructed in Athens, which capacity reached more than 60 000 people.

Since its official opening, the stadium has been used for matches and training of Iraklis Thessaloniki, a football club that was founded in 1908. The record attendance of more than 47,000 people was noted at the stadium in 1969 during a qualifying match when Greece team competed against the team from Switzerland and managed to win with the score of 4–1. Kaftanzoglio Stadium is often used for various athletics events, such as national championships, and many others.