Key facts

Address Michailidi 14, Ioannina 453 33
Capacity 7,652 seats
Build Date 1952
Record Attendance 14,557


Zosimades Stadium is located in the city of Ioannina, Greece. It is actually the national stadium of the country that is suitable for different kinds of sports. The ground is mainly used by football teams. It is the home ground of PAS Giannina, a local football club. It is also used for non-sports events, such as music concerts, and in 2010, the stadium hosted Scorpions. The total capacity of the stadium is more than 7,000 people. The highest attendance of over 14,000 people took place at the stadium in 1975 during the match between PAS Giannena and Olympiacos.

The stadium was created thanks to the efforts of Metropolitan Spyridon, who came to the area in 1934 and convinced local people to give up part of their property to construct a stage for young people to train. The foundation stone was placed in 1936, and the event was attended by authorities of different levels.

In 1945, the stadium was the named after the brothers, who were the benefactors who lived in 18th-19th centuries.

In 1993, the covered stand was destroyed by winds. Some renovation works were done in 2000. In seven years, the turf was replaced, and in another two years, the roof was reconstructed.

The stadium matches the high UEFA standards. In 2016, Zosimades Stadium hosted qualifying games of the Europa League for seasons 2016 and 2017.