Built in 2017, Gazprom Arena has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting FC Zenit football team. The stadium depicts the club’s glorious history and is home of 56,000 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address Krestovsky Island, Football alley 1, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Postcode 197110
Capacity 56,196 seats
Club FC Zenit
Build Date 2017
Architect Kisho Kurokawa
Average Attendance 45,700
Record Attendance 56,000 (Russian Premier League)
Stadium Cost $1 billion
Roof Available
Who is the owner of Gazprom Arena? City of Saint Petersburg
Pitch Size 108 m by 68 m
Where is Gazprom Arena located? 59°58′22.63″N 30°13′13.92″E
Nickname Saint-Petersburg Stadium, Zenit Arena, Krestovsky Stadium
Surface Grass

Seating plan

Gazprom Arena stadium plan

Gazprom Arena is one of the biggest Russian football arenas. Built in 2017, it is also one of the most up-to-date grounds. The stadium hosts FC Zenit and its home supporters. Increased capacity if compared with the old home arena, advanced facilities, fancy retractable roof and other technological upgrades make Gazprom Arena one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. The pitch itself covers 287,000 square meters. The venue is 110 meters high and has the shape of a typical football bowl. The stadium is the hot spot for the Russian Premier League matches as well as the European and international tournaments of all rates.

The stadium structure depicts upper and lower rows divided into four main sectors. Each sector refers to a particular category with different pricing and facilities:

  1. Sector A is the premium-seating zone for VIPs, press and special guests. It refers to Cat 1.
  2. Sector B is for guest team supporters. It refers to Cat 2 tickets.
  3. Sector C is the long-side row for spectators of all kind. It refers to Cat 3 tickets.
  4. Sector D is the home for FC Zenit and the Russian National Team supporters. Cat 4 tickets are sold out in advance.

The arena has all the necessary facilities, including six food spots to buy snacks and beverages. WC rooms are located all around the bowl. Three First Aid rooms are available for visitors who call for medical assistance.

Note: smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited.



With so many available ticket-purchasing services, Ticket Compare still looks like a better option. A trustworthy online tool lets you easily handle the purchasing process with right a click away. Check most actual prices, available tickets and complete the transaction within a couple of seconds. The service is highly recommended by football fans from around the globe.

Gazprom Arena’s official website provides detailed information about ticket prices as well. However, the navigation may look a bit more complicated, especially for newbies. Here you can look for preference tickets online or contact the support via phone: +8 (812) 244-33-33. Or you can buy tickets live at the local box office located next to the arena’s main entrance. The address is as follows: Krestovsky Island, Football alley 1, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Four seating categories and sectors mean four different price ranges. As a rule, lower rows cost a bit higher if compared with the upper rows. The price may range from:

  • From from £3 to £8 for the short-side upper rows (sectors A and D);
  • From £8 to £16 for the short-side lower seats (Sectors A and D);
  • From £12 to £105 for the long-side seats (Categories B and C).

Please, note that Sector D tickets are usually sold out. Those are the home sectors for local supporters.

Hotels near


It does not matter where you are planning to travel. Trip.com is a handy tool to think of a place to stay in advance. Just a few clicks and you have a room that meets your preferences and budget. Check all the available offers in St. Petersburg near the Gazprom Arena or benefit from our list of cheapest and top-rated hotels.

Cheapest offers

  1. Apartment Na Vaske – the hotel offers affordable rooms for £30 per night. Located on Vasilievsky Island, it boasts good location not far from the stadium and major historical places. The hotel is situated one metro station from the downtown and major attractions.
  2. Hotel Park Krestovskiy – is a modern building right in the centre of Krestiovsky Park. Fresh air, nature, up-to-date facilities, great location – sounds good for only £46 per night.
  3. Apartment on Primorskii Prospekt 137 – it will take you 6 minutes to walk to the beach. Take a tube to get to downtown in less than 10 minutes. Gazprom Arena is about 6 minutes’ walk from the hotel. One night here will cost you £47.


  1. Hermes Park Hotel – located 200 meters from Krestovsky Ostrov metro station, the hotel is surrounded by green trees and parking areas although it is still next to the city centre. Free breakfast and Wi-Fi are included in the price. It starts at £98 for a double room.
  2. Parklane Resort and SPA – guests appreciate the green area of Krestovsky park that surrounds this hotel. Major attractions are 10 minutes’ walk, including local theme parks and the stadium itself. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are available for guests in addition to the up-to-date spa centre. The price for a one-night stay is £113.
  3. Boutique Hotel Grand – is a good choice for those with high value for superior services and facilities. You can get to the Lenexpo Exhibition Centre in less than 10 minutes. The price starts at £44. Take advantage of the panoramic view at the Gazprom Arena.

How to get to

Gazprom Arena on the map

Getting to the stadium will hardly be a problem even if you are visiting the city for the first time. Local authorities have arranged free shuttle-buses that take supporters right to the stadium from several metro stations located in the city centre. At the same time, you can take the tube or taxi to get to the Football alley in less than 15 minutes from downtown.

By Tube – the stadium is located at Krestovsky Ostrov. The station is a part of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya (Violet) Line 5. Spasskaya and Sadovaya stations are the nearest way to get to your destination. It will take you about 15 minutes to get to Krestovsky Ostrov from there. One tube ride will cost you £0.70 regardless of the station or sector you need to reach.

By Bus – visitors can benefit from free shuttle-buses that will take them directly to the stadium. Three major free routes are available. They include:

  • S3 bus goes from Petrogradskaya metro station and back. The timeframes are between 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. The road takes 15 minutes;
  • S4 bus goes from Vyborgskaya metro station. The timeframes are between 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. The road takes 22 minutes;
  • S6 bus goes from Chkalovskaya metro station and back. The timeframes are between 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. The road takes 10 minutes;
  • Family shuttles go from Chkalovskaya metro station and back. The timeframes are between 6:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. The road takes 10 minutes.

Visitors from Finland, Sweden and other countries that border St. Petersburg can take the bus to get to the city centre. The road from Helsinki usually takes about 6 hours, depending on the customs officers. The price starts from £24 per one adult.

Walk – you can walk to the stadium from Primorsky prospect through the Yacht Bridge, enjoying scenic views. It will take you about 40 minutes to get to the arena on foot.

By taxi – the taxi from downtown to the stadium will hardly cost you more than £8. However, keep in mind that taking a car or taxi is hardly a good idea considering traffic jams on matchday.

By Train – St. Petersburg welcomes its visitors featuring two major railway stations. They include Moskovsky and Finlyandsky Railway Stations.

By Plane – Pulkovo international airport accepts flights from different countries daily. You can take a taxi or bus to get to the nearest Moskovskaya metro station. The ride will take about 15 minutes and cost you £0,50.


Driving and parking in Saint-Petersburg can be stressful and tough. The lack of English road signs and traffic jams certainly will make your task even more complicated. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in Saint-Petersburg is £4.

Eating out nearby


St. Petersburg is the major destination for millions of tourists from different countries. It means that the city offers a diverse selection of venues to eat out. Whether you are looking for traditional Russian recipes or want to benefit from authentic Asian or European cuisine, the city has something to offer out of the box.

Pubs, bars & cafes

  • Karl and Friedrich Brewery – the legendary brewing network has become a living legend for all beer lovers. With numerous venues around the city, Karl and Friedrich brewery brings one of its great spots right next to the Gazprom Arena. It offers a wide selection of beers, classic Bavarian foods and snack to match your stout, lager or IPA.
  • Beervana Grill & Beer – smells like beer spirit. The venue boasts a collection of craft beers highlighting local Russian breweries as well as top-rated European brands like La Trappe, Chimay and many more. Outstanding grilled food will make your day.
  • Food for fitness – want to have a light snack or try authentic veggie burger? This venue is right for you. It has a good selection of meals, nice atmosphere and affordable prices for those eager to keep fit.


  • Russian Fishing restaurant – explore the secrets of authentic Russian cuisine in a crafted wooden restaurant right in the centre of the green park. Surrounded by trees and lakes, it will make you feel far away from the metropolis.
  • Royal Beach – boasts a huge summer terrace in addition to fusion cuisine and a mix of Asian and European recipes. A good venue to have a glass of Sauvignon blanc. Pets are allowed in this restaurant.

Things to see at the stadium

Gazprom Arena


Exciting stadium tours are available for the groups from 5 to 50 visitors at Gazprom Arena. You need to contact the club authorities to reserve your ticket. Use the contact form at the official website or email arenda@fc-zenit.ru.

Fan store

Although you will not find a fan shop right at the Gazprom Arena, FC Zenit official stores are located in different districts of St. Petersburg. Go to the official website and check the map with the detailed location of each spot. You can also visit the official online store to buy some sports accessories, inventory, Zenit jerseys and other things related to the club.

Things to do in Saint Petersburg

The palace and park at Peterhof

Also known as the Northern Capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is a great city from tourists’ perspectives. It keeps the rich history of Russian heritage divided into several epochs. Here you can come across the biggest cathedrals in the world as well as architectural masterpieces, fortresses, shipyards, museums, expos and more. The city offers numerous exploration opportunities for all tastes.

Sightseeing tour

Visitors can benefit from a range of boat trips to explore the city channels and rivers with the main places of interest including Moika Embankment, the legendary cruiser Aurora and overwhelming bridges of St. Petersburg. The average price for such boat trips starts from £9 for a 1.5-hour journey across the channels.

St. Petersburg hop-on-hop-off tours are another way to explore the main attractions and places of interest, including the Nevsky Prospect (the main street), Kazan and St. Isaac’s Cathedrals. The price starts at £16. The tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Top 3 places to visit

The palace and park at Peterhof – also known as the Russian Versailles, this truly majestic place will get you deep into the Russian history highlighting its astonishing constructions and monuments. Tourists will be amazed by the gorgeous park and the famous system of fountains, including the truly spectacular Grand Cascade.

State Hermitage Museum – view the most diverse collection of arts, sculptures, and paintings related to different periods of history. From ancient pyramids to works of art by Da Vinci, El Greco, Rubens and others – the museum is a popular storage of masterpieces.

Nevsky Prospect – the main street of St. Petersburg is the architectural museum itself. Walk along the street and come across Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Kupetz Eliseevs store that is still operating, legendary Singer House and other amazing places of interest.