While online shopping is skyrocketing, the variety of Christmas gift options confuses many of us. Chelsea FC fans usually have tons of fancy things in their collections. Some of them pick up the Blues scarves, bottle openers, slippers, and vintage jerseys; the others have appeal to the club’s memorabilia.

So how about the list where you may find the best Chelsea-related stuff suitable for people of different ages and gender? Hopefully, you’ll run against what you are looking for among the fun and unhacked ideas below.

General Presents

Let’s start listing the most versatile options. Below you’ll see the gear suitable for the broad groups of fans, including men, women, and little kids. The only thing these items have in common – they are all related to Chelsea FC.

Phone case

Chelsea phone case

There are so many marvellous and creative phone cases out there today! But the perfect phone case probably should have the beloved logo, or Stamford Bridge printed on it. Check out the options, and you won’t be disappointed.


Chelsea wallet

Some people say that wallets make the best Xmas gifts. It lasts for years, symbolizes abundance, and it’s a very personal thing. But how do you make such a present even better? Choose the wallet with the club’s crest and make your friends cherish their new acquisition.

3d puzzle

Stamford Bridge 3d puzzle

The Bridge is the legendary stadium in London and the symbol of Chelsea’s greatest victories. Of course, there is no way to purchase the stadium. But look at the Stamford Bridge 3d puzzle! It’s a perfect item to cheer any follower of the Pensioners.


Chelsea ball

Little kids, parents, and grandparents enjoy playing the world’s #1 sports game. But there is no way to play it without a ball. Therefore, another great Christmas gift idea is the original team’s ball. Don’t hesitate to choose this one, because the professional gear helps to achieve better results.

Birthday card

Chelsea birthday card

A special birthday card is a good supplement to the other Chelsea-related birthday presents. If you have a few friends who support the Pensioners, buy a bunch of those b-day cards in advance. Awesome plan, isn’t it?


Chelsea poster

Some football devotees are crazy about posters, and the favourite team’s poster is super-inspiring. There are quite a few options accessible out there, so you’ve got to choose what suits your friend best. The modern posters are printed on paper of the highest quality to ensure durability.

Cake topper

Chelsea cake topper

The Pensioners’ addition to a birthday party is a very special cake topper. Of course, it won’t replace the rest of the presents, warm congratulations, hugs, kisses, and the sparks in the eyes. Some people may even call it a trifle. But it still means a lot.


Chelsea canvas

A stunning canvas is a guaranteed surprise to anyone. You may call it anything except trivial. It is ready to hang immediately, which is convenient, indeed. It’s hard to believe, but the average lifespan of such a canvas is 50 years.


Chelsea cufflinks

Such an item packed in a nice box is a wonderful treat for the admirer of the Blues. Of course, as long as he likes to wear cufflink shirts. So make sure the most vital part of the equation is respected. It’s bizarre to see the cufflinks with such an extraordinary design, but the club’s supporters will give the thumbs up.


Chelsea scarf

The fans of the Blues are not unique in the context of scarves. Every match, we see them wearing these blue and white accessories, just like the supporters of many other football clubs. Thus, a knitted scarf is a classic item – a top gear for people of all ages.


Chelsea memorabilia

Everyone loves to receive unique treats. Most football enthusiasts stumble upon the same things, such as jerseys, keyrings, and baseball caps. If you want to think outside the box, try looking for the club’s special memorabilia. Examples of souvenirs on steroids are framed photos with the important historical victories, the ball construction set, a rubber duck dressed in the team’s kit, etc.


Chelsea cap

A simple cap is a super popular accessory appreciated by millions of football lovers worldwide. It’s a nice and stylish little Christmas gift of the highest quality. The variety of designs helps to stay unique and emphasizes your tastefulness.


Chelsea mug

A simple tea mug can become a special item if it’s decorated with the crest of the beloved team. For some of you, it may seem too plain. That being the case, search for the personalized options, where you can add the name of your friend or family member and some kind words.


Chelsea keyring

The keyring is a classic accessory which you have seen many times. People often use keychains for years and rarely bother themselves buying a new one. It’s a very affordable and simple souvenir. But it can still put a smile on the fan’s face.


Chelsea: The Complete Record

There are a lot of great books dedicated to the Pensioners, including some of the best-sellers. For example, among them are “Chelsea: The Complete Record” and “Chelsea FC: The Official Biography” by Rick Glanvill, “Chelsea on This Day” by Mike Donovan, etc.


Chelsea monopoly

Monopoly is a chart-topping board game. Its popularity is not declining for decades. Luckily for the enthusiasts, now they have the opportunity to get the official Chelsea FC Monopoly board game. For sure, it’s also a special item.


Chelsea bag

Sports lovers know how to have good use of a gym bag. And especially if the high-quality bag features the symbols of the beloved team. Even if the person doesn’t go to the gym, the accessory can be used for various other purposes.


Chelsea bedding

The bedding set is dedicated to the Blues and their symbols. The surprising set includes the duvet cover and the pillowcase with favourite FC’s colours. It’s not a usual stuff you may see on sale in the store. Therefore it’s an excellent way to impress your family and friends.

Bobble hat

Chelsea bobble hat

Although a bobble hat doesn’t sound like a super fancy present, some people will appreciate getting it. In most cases, women and children prefer such an accessory. A midnight blue knitted bobble hat is certainly a timely Christmas gift for those who consider it a good fit.

For Him

What’s the best gift for boyfriend, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, grandpa, or dad supporting Chelsea FC? It must be something related to the club and something he is going to enjoy using. Many football-themed Christmas gifts for a man are available today. Below I’ll list some of the awesome things you might want to get for him.

Retro shirt

Chelsea retro shirt

A classic retro shirt is a part of glorious history. The vintage shirt will make any person wearing it stand out. The old sports jerseys are usually minimalistic, awkward, and quite beautiful, and the one proposed here is no exception.


Chelsea jersey

An instant classic is always a wonderful present for a football enthusiast. The official jersey is made of the best fabric, making it cosy to wear all year round. That’s one of the reasons why men love these jerseys.

Christmas jumper

Chelsea Christmas jumper

All men appreciate receiving special Christmas gifts. And what’s more touching than the club’s official Xmas jumper? Most football supporters have not even heard of a Christmas sweater like this. Therefore, it’s a golden opportunity to impress them.


Chelsea coat

The excellent shower jacket is an irreplaceable item for those who often visit stadiums in Britain. The wind coat is cosy, compact, and multifunctional. And who knows, maybe the crest of the favourite team on the jacket is effective against the whims of the weather.

Dressing gown

When a true supporter watches a big match at home, he doesn’t always have to wear the Chelsea jersey. A high-quality fleece gown can work just great for him. It’s another bright and remarkable option to awe the important man in your life.


Chelsea socks

Although men’s socks are not among the most popular gifts, don’t pay attention to the prejudices. A new pair of socks is always handy. And if we are talking about the socks with the crest of the adored team, who wouldn’t like to get them?


Chelsea hat

Among the other fun little presents for him, you may consider getting the knitted beanie. See what it features – it looks fashionable, and the quality is outstanding. Those of you who can knit can make something more special than the standard options. But for everyone else, it’s a decent choice.


Chelsea hoodie

If you want to get him a hoodie, just look at the adorable print it has got. It’s a fancy choice. No man would mind wearing a glorious crest of his favourite team on the chest. For your convenience, the hoodie is available in various styles and sizes.

Polo shirt

Chelsea polo shirt

The polo shirt is always better than just a plain T-shirt. The men like to go out wearing this apparel. They look handsome, and it provides comfort. Every fan of the Pensioners will gladly wear such a stylish polo shirt.


Chelsea pyjama

A short pyjama is not an average gift. In some cases, the man will be surprised to receive such a personal present. But if you are his wife or mother, that should be fine. The best thing about the suggested pyjama is certainly its original design.

For Her

Ladies often love football just like men. And these female fans are not any less dedicated compared to the male supporters. Football-themed gifts are very pleasing to such ladies. If your girlfriend, mother, grandma, sister, cousin, auntie, niece, wife, or daughter is a supporter of Chelsea FC, you should choose a gift for her from the list below.


Chelsea women gloves

Knitted gloves should cheer every female supporter of the club. The gloves boast the highest quality, and they look cute, indeed. Even if she usually doesn’t play snowballs, a pair of gloves in the pocket is necessary apparel to carry in winter.

For Kids

It’s great when children are fascinated with sports and football, in particular. Many of them get involved in various game-related activities. It helps them socialize, meet new friends, be more physically active, play the ball, and spend more time outdoors, which is extremely important in the modern world of junk food and video games. If you want to encourage the kid, the present related to their favourite club is an awesome idea. Below you’ll find the tips.

School bag

Chelsea school bag

Look at this backpack with the crest of Chelsea. Its design is wonderful, and both girls and boys can enjoy using it. Little admirers of the team will certainly be glad to own such an awesome and comfy school bag.

Dressing gown

Chelsea kids dressing gown

A dressing gown is not among the most popular gift ideas. Therefore, if you want to be unique, get this essential piece of clothing for a young supporter of Chelsea. It features the club’s crest and the colours that will inspire the child.

Boxer shorts

Chelsea boys boxer shorts

Football-themed boxers are quite popular among people who go in for sports. It’s suitable for PE lessons, visiting sports competitions, playing the ball in the backyard and more. This particular set is a nice outfit for every little boy supporting Chelsea FC.


Chelsea boys pyjama

If you ask them, many kids would like to have a pyjama with the colours of the beloved club. Sleepwear with the crest of Chelsea is not an ordinary choice, so it’s your chance to be eccentric. Choose the right size and make the true little fan of the Blues happy!

Baby bib

Chelsea baby bib

A Chelsea-themed baby bib is a basic gift that proves that even inexpensive stuff can provide value and highlight an individual approach. If you know a family of Chelsea FC supporters with a baby, they’ll be pleased to get such a cute present.


Chelsea kids kit

The official kit of the favourite football team is certainly a desired apparel for boys and girls. Children overgrow clothes quickly. Therefore, you need to know the size of the kid before you purchase it.

Baby blanket

Chelsea baby blanket

Every baby loves to be wrapped up in a cosy and soft blanket when it’s cold. And the parent supporting Chelsea would fancy getting the baby blanket with the favourite team’s crest. Such a super lovely gift is especially well-timed on Christmas!

Baby bodysuit

Chelsea baby bodysuit

A cute and vivid bodysuit is an amazing Xmas present for a young family. If you know a Chelsea FC supporter with a baby, try to order one of these soft cotton bodysuits and enjoy the reaction of the whole family. You’ll likely see the little hero wearing the adorable bodysuit among the photos of the day on Instagram!

Stationery set

Chelsea stationery set

This stationery set is a practical souvenir for any young Chelsea FC admirer. Some necessary school items like a notepad and pencils can be found inside. Since they feature Chelsea’s logo, everyone will be pleased with it.

Lunch box

Chelsea lunch box

Children belonging to the fan movements often emphasize their support for their beloved teams. Since kids spend so much time at school, gifting Chelsea themed lunch box to a young fan of the Blues is a fantastic idea.