Built in 2007, Wembley Stadium has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting the England national football team. The ground depicts the team’s glorious history and is home of almost 90,000 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address Wembley, London, England
Postcode HA9 0WS
Capacity 90,000 seats
Club England national football team
Build Date 2007
Architect Populous, Foster and Partners
Average Attendance 67,953 (Season 2017 – 2018)
Record Attendance 89,874
Stadium Cost £1.09 billion (after reconstruction)
Roof Sliding roof
Who is the owner of Wembley Stadium? The Football Association
Pitch Size 105 m by 68 m
Where is Wembley Stadium located? 51°33′21″N 0°16′47″W
Nickname Empire Stadium
Surface Desso GrassMaster

Seating plan

Wembley Stadium seating plan

Wembley Stadium is the biggest sports ground in the United Kingdom and the second biggest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou. It replaced the older Wembley Stadium opened in 1923. It is the home for the English national football team. Apart from the international fixtures, the Community Shield, the FA Cup, and many other important matches, the venue appears to be the main stage for huge events, concerts, and musical shows.

The stadium is divided into four major sections. Each section includes the seats split between the Wembley Club Members and all other visitors including away supporters. The main sections are the next:

  • The North Stand featuring Premium category seats;
  • The South Stand;
  • The West Stand;
  • The East Stand including the seats for away fans.

Each of the four sections is divided into coloured zones. They include Wembley Club Members seats and category 1, 2, and 3 seats depending on the tier. Club Members seats are not available for purchasing online. They are a part of the season package.



As a rule, the best tickets sell out quickly. The majority of local fans opt for membership and buy packages for the whole season. At the same time, you can still buy single tickets for a particular match with the help of Ticket Compare. A trustworthy and intuitive purchasing service makes it easy for users to get tickets on any match whether you want to visit the FA Cup or the international fixture.

The prices depend on the match category and tournament. If you want to visit the FA Cup match, the clubs taking part in the competition will determine the price. Fans can choose from 5 categories of packaged tickets as a part of the membership program:

  • Wembley club category 1 prices range from £1400 to £1831 per season;
  • Wembley club category 2 prices range from £1131 to £1347 per season;
  • Category 1 prices range from £888 to £1158 per season;
  • Category 2 prices range from £748 to £888 per season;
  • Category 3 prices range from £727 to £856 per season.

You can check the official website for more e-tickets as well as season packages. Prepare to complete a simple registration to get access to all website features.

Hotels near


Football is the major passion for all British especially when it comes to the matches with English international team taking part. London welcomes thousands of supporters as well as tourists who want to feel the thrill of the game. Check our chart of the cheapest and the highest-rated hotels located near Wembley Stadium.

Cheapest offers

  1. Wembley Rooms – a double or twin room with a shared bathroom starts from £38 per night. Indeed, this is a bargain. It will not take you long to get to the stadium located 1 mile from the hotel.
  2. Best Western Plus London Wembley Hotel – a great offer to put an ease on your wallet during your stay in London. Smart apartments located 800 meters from the sports ground will cost you £43 per night. Sounds like a good offer if the absence of windows in the room would not be a problem for you.
  3. Wembley Central Rooms – the hotel is a couple of minutes’ walk from the Wembley Central station, which is not far from the Wembley Stadium railway station. A good location in case you prefer getting to the venue using overground transport. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom for only £43 per night.


  1. Hilton London Wembley – benefit from the scenic overview of the biggest stadium in the United Kingdom. You will certainly appreciate a king-sized bed, luxurious fitting, and bathroom for only £163 per night.
  2. St George’s Hotel – Wembley – the hotel features probably the best location. It is 45 minutes from the Heathrow Airport and about 20 minutes from central London. The property features its own parking. The hotel is not far from the country’s main sports venue and London Designer Outlet. £131 for a night in a deluxe room looks like a good offer.
  3. Holiday Inn London – Wembley – the hotel offers a range of facilities including its private fitness centre, a restaurant serving international meals for all tastes and more. A good location makes it easy to get to the stadium in less than 2 minutes. Sounds like a bargain for £148 per night in a twin room.

How to get to

Wembley Stadium on the map

London boasts a developed tube and overground public transport network. Fans can benefit from different ways to get to the football ground, which is located in the north-west of the British capital. While cars are hardly a good option due to the lack of parking places especially on a matchday, you can still take a bus, tube or train.

By Tube – Wembley Park is the nearest tube station to Wembley Stadium. Two tube lines including Metropolitan and Jubilee serve it. You will have to walk about 5 minutes to get to the stadium. The lines that serve the tube station are connected with the downtown. So, you will never face any difficulties to get to Wembley Park. Wembley Central is another tube station that is close to Wembley Stadium. It is located about 10 minutes’ walk from there.

By Train – trains are a good alternative to the tube. Simply follow to the London Marylebone station and take an 8-minute trip to Wembley Stadium. It is the nearest train station to the ground. Keep in mind that trains depart every 30 minutes in accordance with the official schedule. So, plan your trip in advance.

By Bus – bus network connects different parts of London. You can take buses 224, 92 and 83 to get to Wembley Stadium.

By Car – although it is not recommended to travel by car, you can get to the stadium from A406. Make sure you have booked a parking place in advance. Otherwise, you will never find a place to leave your vehicle.

By Plane – Heathrow is the biggest international airport in London. The venue is located 14.7 miles from the airport. It will take you about 1 hour to get there by public transport.


Wembley Stadium is a terrific ground with a large number of convenient official car parks. Unfortunately, they need to be booked well in advance which is not always possible to accomplish. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in London is £9.

Eating out nearby


Good news for those who like eating out before or after the match. The stadium is surrounded by a residential area with lots of options to have a pint or two as well as a good meal for any taste. Keep in mind that most of them are overcrowded especially on the matchday. For this reason, you may be forced to move to Central London. Nevertheless, I have conducted a list of the nearest pubs and restaurants.

Pubs, bars & cafes

  • The Torch – feel the atmosphere of a traditional English pub with a good selection of beer. Locals and tourists appreciate mouth-watering snacks, flame-grilled steaks, burgers, and great service. The pub is located right opposite Wembley Stadium.
  • The Preston – another traditional pub that will make you feel like in the countryside. The venue is the best bet for those who love different types of ales. The pub boasts its own beer garden that creates a stunning atmosphere.
  • Express Bar – the venue for true football fans. No fuzz. Fast service. Flat screens all around to keep you focused on the match. The venue is popular with fans and tourists.


  • Station 31 – Bar & Indian Restaurant – a good alternative to traditional British pubs. The venue serves authentic Indian cuisine in addition to a selection of beers and drinks. Benefit from an extended menu featuring numerous variations of chicken, great interior, and nice service.
  • Arena Meze Bar – a cosy and smart venue that makes you feel at home. Apart from a selection of beers and wines, guests can order from a wide list of meals related to traditional British and continental cuisine.

Things to see at the stadium


Wembley Stadium offers great entertainment tours for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy the award-winning behind-the-scene experience at a reasonable price. Although there are no matchday tours, guests can still benefit from birthday parties, legends tours and more. Check all available tours at the official website of the largest British stadium.


The main stadium tour usually lasts for 75 minutes. The path includes visiting some of the most exclusive spots such as dressing rooms, manger’s area, the royal box, players’ tunnel, and pressroom.

The tours are available 7 days a week. However, time can be limited. As a rule, the sessions are available from 10 am to 4 pm. The adult admission costs £16. Email to tours@wembleystadium.com for more information. Keep in mind that tours are unavailable during major events. Feel free to book tickets by phone: +44 (0) 844 800 2755.


The museum is included in the guided tour. Visitors will have a chance to follow the glorious path of the English national football team. The highlights include the legendary 1966 World Cup crossbar, various trophies, the flag from the 1948 Olympics and other treasures and cups won by the national team.

Fan store

A local fan shop is a good place for those who want to take a part of Wembley memory with them. Visitors can buy special souvenirs in addition to sports and footwear. The shop sells matchday programs and products delivered by the official merchandisers, from English national team’s training kits to Wembley leisurewear, posters and more.

Things to do in London

The London Eye

The motherland of football is a great destination for tourists of any type. Whether you are a true historical geek or simply want to dive deep into the football origins, London has plenty of great things to offer. It keeps the record of royal dynasties and gives a chance to touch historical artefacts at every step.

Sightseeing tour

Tourist Bus Panoramic is a good way to start your London journey. It provides a general overview of all major attractions and main places of interest. Benefit from a panoramic view from an open top bus. The tour consists of numerous stops on the way through the Big Ben, Downing Street, the London’s Museum and other places of interest on its way to St. Katherine’s Pier. The price starts from £23. The general sightseeing tour is available round the clock. Simply hop on and start your journey.

Top 3 places to visit

The London Eye – are you afraid of height? If the answer is “no”, this attraction is certainly for you. Get to London’s most popular “rooftop” and enjoy the panoramic view at the 135-meter height.

The London Dungeons – another thrilling adventure for those who want to experience the darker side of London. It is one of the most popular attractions with tourists representing London’s notorious villains like Jack the Ripper and Sweeny Todd. Local actors will make you cry.

The Natural History Museum – whether you are a dedicated paleontologist or interested in history and science, this place will amaze you with its collection of over 100 species and animals that lived millions of years ago.


Is Wembley Stadium in the ULEZ zone?

No. Despite the fact the ULEZ zone has been expanded as a part of the environmental program, the stadium is located in outer London. In simpler words, it is out of the charging zone.

What zone is Wembley Stadium in?

The stadium is located in Zone 4. It hosts a selection of popular boroughs including Barking and Leytonstone.

Is Wembley Stadium in the congestion zone?

No. The stadium is located away from the congestion zone in outer London.

Can you take food to Wembley Stadium?

Fans must not bring beverages and snacks from the outside. The stadium offers enough food courts and services where you can always buy something to eat and drink. The outside food court provides plenty of options from a variety of vendors including not only traditional but also Asian and European specialties.

Can you take drinks to Wembley Stadium?

No, you can’t bring drinks of your own but you can buy a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks right at the stadium or at the outside food court.

How many toilets are in Wembley Stadium?

Fans can use more than 2,600 toilets. They are located either off the main entrance foyer or 40 metres from wheelchair viewing platforms.