Built in 1884, Anfield stadium has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting Liverpool F.C. The ground depicts the club’s glorious history and is home of 54,000 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address Anfield Rd, Liverpool, Great Britain
Postcode L4 0TH
Capacity 54,074 seats
Club Liverpool F.C.
Build Date 1884
Architect Archibald Leitch
Average Attendance 53,172 (Season 2017 – 2018)
Record Attendance 61,905 (Liverpool–Wolverhampton Wanderers, 1952)
Stadium Cost £75 million (reconstructions costs in 2016)
Roof Available
Who is the owner of Anfield? Fenway Sports Group
Pitch Size 101 m by 68 m
Where is Anfield located? 53°25′50.98″N 2°57′39.05″W
Surface GrassMaster

Seating plan

Anfield stadium plan

Anfield stadium was originally built as the home arena of Everton. However, the dispute with the club’s president resulted in the fact, the team moved to Goodison Park in 1891. Since that time, Anfield has been the only home stadium for Liverpool F.C. The home of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” differs from other stadiums due to its unique seating plan. Apart from a typical colored seats’ category, Anfield features four major stands divided into and lower rows. Each stand has its original name. So, guest visitors will hardly face any difficulties in finding their seats. The stand names are as follows:

  1. The Main Stand – the stand features a hospitality row of seats for the VIPs with the most expensive tickets.
  2. The Kop Stand – this is the loudest seating stand not on in the UK but probably in the world. The seats are for local supporters.
  3. The Kenny Dalglish Stand – located opposite the Main Stand, it features long-side seats as well as executive boxes for press and stuff.
  4. The Anfield Road Stand – the seats are for guest visitors and for those who failed to buy tickets to the Kop Stand.

Each stand has necessary facilities letting disabled people and fans in wheelchairs to get to their seats effortlessly.

View from my seat

What seats are the best at Anfield? This question is a tricky one, and there is no one-size-fits-all kind of answer. So we created a seat view feature to give you as much control as possible. Football fans won’t have to buy a pig in a poke any longer because now they can check their seat view before purchasing the ticket. You only need to choose the stand, the section, the row, and the seat, and you will see the picture of the respective view from that seat.

Please select the stand and follow the link:



Ticket Compare offers a fast and safe way to purchase tickets to any stand in a couple of seconds. Simply go to the website and choose the necessary category without any registration. Make a couple of clicks and get your e-tickets right on your email.

You can also visit the official website and choose tickets in accordance with a specific category. They include tickets for disabled people, membership tickets for the entire season in addition to special offers. Pay attention, that there is no other way to buy tickets rather than online. Consider this and plan your purchases in advance. I recommend buying tickets at least 6 weeks before the matchday.

The pricing policy is as follows:

  • The Kop and Anfield Road Stand sets range from £45 to £57;
  • The Main Stand seats are from £63;
  • The Kenny Dalglish Stand tickets cost £61;
  • Hospitality Row is the most expensive one. However, you need to check their prices and availability online.

Note: the only way to buy Anfield tickets is to go online! No boxes or land sales are available!

Hotels near


Apart from rock music and football, Liverpool has something to offer for its visitors to see and hear. However, you should think of a good place to stay.

Cheapest offers

  1. The King Harry Bar & Hostel – the venue is a classic British corner property next to the Anfield stadium. Apart from spending a night for only £15, you can start the matchday from a pint of local beers right in the pub. A great venue to stay and celebrate the victory of your team.
  2. Masters Guest house – located only 400 meters from Anfield, the venue comes as a decent apartment facility coasting only £41. John Lennon Airport is only 8 miles away from the venue.


  1. Anfield Accommodation part of The Twelfth Man Public House – a good venue for those who travel by car, The stadium is located 2 minutes’ walk from the guest house. Free parking is available for all guests. The price per night starts from £50 for a triple room.
  2. Soccer Suite – the venue for the most dedicated football fans judging by its name. It boasts the closest location to the stadium. The distance between the guesthouse and Anfield is only 200 meters. A good value for £56 per night.
  3. The Kop View – named after the stadium’s Kop Stand with the most devoted Liverpool fans, this venue delivers overwhelming views on the arena. Heating, flat TV-screens, and other facilities are available for £103 per night.

How to get to

Anfield on the map

The stadium is situated in the northern party of the city about two miles from the downtown. The region is called Anfield area. The arena itself in the middle of this borough. Goodison Park is half a mile from Anfield. Stanley Park divides two stadium rivals. A good place to walk around and breathe some air full of football spirit.

By Car – traveling by car is a good alternative to public transport. You will hardly face any difficulties to find a parking place near the stadium. You need to get to the junction 4 toward Liverpool/A580 when driving along the M57 heading north. They make your way to Liverpool for about 4-mile distance passing the Walton Hall Park on the right. Then turn right onto Utting Avenue and you will see the site.

By Bus – if you travel from the city center, the best bet is to take bus number 26 or 27 that departs from the Paradise street right in the downtown. Another good way is to travel by bus number 17 that departs from the Queens Square. Both routes will leave you directly on the ground.

Soccerbus – it is a separate type of bus especially for football fans. It follows the Merseyrail Northern Line and departs two hours before each match from Sandhills Station.

By Train – Lime Street Railway Station is the nearest stop for those who travel outside Liverpool. The station is located about 2 miles from Anfield. If you travel by train without the city area, you can benefit from a developed railway network with 67 operating stations across the Liverpool area.

By Taxi – if you need to get to the stadium by taxi from the city center, the price will generally range from £7-9. Visitors can also benefit from special taxi buses that depart from St Johns Lane 3 hours before the starting whistle.

Liverpool boasts an advanced public transport network. It offers several types of railway and bus passes whether you travel alone or with a group of friends. Solo ticket prices start from £4 (one-day tickets) to £717 (annual passes). Check all available prices and passes on the official public transport website.

By Plane – Liverpool John Lennon Airport accepts international flights on regular basis. It is located about 8 miles from Anfield. You can take a bus or taxi to get there within 10 minutes.


The number of official car parks at Anfield is limited. And of course, you cannot just park anywhere you want – the street parks will be occupied hours before the starting whistle. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in Liverpool is £4.

Eating out nearby


Liverpool is all about classic British pubs, underground concert halls, and BBQ & Grilled venues. You will hardly find a more authentic place to try a pint of traditional British lager or try fish & chips. The Anfield area is not an exception. Here you can benefit from a selection of pubs and restaurants to eat out before or after the match.

Pubs, bars & cafes

  • Arkles – would you like to taste Britain? Arkles pub is certainly the right place for that. A massive wooden bar represents classic British pub design in addition to a wide selection of beers. They include popular brands like Guinness in addition to locally brewed samples.
  • The Albert – a legendary Liverpool pub popular with local supporters. A part of beers and snacks, it is a good venue to sing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” after the match unless you had enough.
  • The Park Pub – another typical British pub where you can have a pint of Guinness and get a ball in the side pocket while playing pool. The pub is located next to the green area and park where you can have a walk.


  • The Cabbage Hall Bar & Grill – you would probably want something to eat instead of drinking beer all the time. The venue boasts an extended grill menu in addition to… Wait for it… Beers! Cozy atmosphere and traditional interior will make you feel at home.
  • The Twelfth Man – become the twelfth man of your favorite team and celebrate the victory at this venue with some fine selection of steaks and straight alcohol.

Things to see at the stadium


Although the matchday is the major event at Anfield, Liverpool home arena offers numerous way to entertain visitors with different stadium tours and programs. Guests may choose from various excursions. Some of them include visiting Liverpool F.C. museum as well as meeting team’s official mascot. Each program is full of unexpected surprises and memorable moments. Don’t miss your chance to know Liverpool from the inside.


The stadium tours are divided into several programs. You can choose the one to meet your preferences and likes. Some of them include visiting the museum and meeting the official mascot. Others will give you a chance to hear some of the club’s legends live. The programs are as follows:

  • NEW The LFC Stadium Tour – you can see the updated pitch as well as amazing views from the main Stands at Anfield. Press and players’ dressing rooms are included in the tour as well as visiting Liverpool museum;
  • NEW The LFC Matchday Stadium Tour – walk through the tunnel and feel yourself Steven Gerard right at the matchday with the crowd going wild on Anfield;
  • Legends Q&A – a unique stadium tour program where visitors can ask Liverpool legendary players any questions they like. Stars like John Aldridge, Phil Neal and others will share their memories and the brightest moments from the past.

Additional programs include Mighty Red Special Appearances where you can meet the official team’s mascot and have tons of fun.


Grab your chance to witness museum’s brand new exhibitions that highlight the glorious story of the club. Watch its trophies and the images of legendary players. The Steven Gerrard Collection depicts some truly unique things donated by the ex-captain. Hall of Fame, LFC heroes of the past and other exhibitions are available for all visitors.

Note: the museum closes up 1 hour before the starting whistle in matchdays. When the early game takes place, the museum will re-open its doors to visitors until 4 p.m.

Fan store

The official LFC fan store is more than just a webshop. It highlights the team’s latest news and stats. There you can check the schedules of Liverpool’s upcoming matches. Fans can buy different stuff from sports accessories to jerseys and the widest collection of football souvenirs you have ever seen.

Things to do in Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool is the home of football, British pubs, and rock music. It gave a birth to some legendary bands like the Beatles. Here you can touch the music history on every step as well as visit undergoing concert halls and venues that put on incredible shows. Go wild with the crowd or visit some other places of interest in the city of rock-n-roll and football.

Sightseeing tour

Start exploring the city with a general sightseeing tour. Hop-on-hop-off bus tours are the best and most cost-effective solution. The route involves all major places of interest, building, museums, and pubs that have become the main signature of Liverpool. The program starts at Albert Dock and goes through 14 different venues that are surely worth visiting. They include the iconic Philharmonic Pub, Liverpool Cathedral, The Cavern Quarter, Cain’s Brewery Village and many other exciting places.

Top 3 places to visit

The Beatles Story – you will never forgive yourself for not visiting this museum while being in Liverpool at least for one night. It tells a story of one of the most popular rock bands of all times. From the very start while playing in the basements to the Beatles’ world glory. Listen to your favorite songs or watch the legendary Yellow Submarine movie.

Museum of Liverpool – a place where modern arts and history meet. The museum is free to enter. It regularly hosts various exhibitions and programs for all tastes. Modern arts, photo exhibitions, regional city tours are available for guests daily.

The Hardmans’ House – a good site for those involved in photography art and its history. The museum is the home and studio of the legendary photographer Edward Chambré Hardman who worked together with his inspiration, wide and soul mate Margaret.


Does Anfield have real grass?

The stadium has 97% of natural grass. The rest 3% involves using fibre.

How far is Anfield from Liverpool’s city centre?

The stadium is 2.9 miles away from the city centre. The fastest way to get to the ground is to take a taxi. It will cost around £7-£9.

How much is a box at Anfield?

Sideline suites and boxes cost between £72,000 and £132,000 depending on the term. 5, 7, and 10-year terms are available. Boxes can accept up to 12 people.

Where do away fans sit at Anfield?

Away fans usually occupy the Anfield Road Stand located in the lower tier. It provides around 2,000 seats.

How many rows are in Anfield’ main stand?

In total, there are 72 rows from the pitch.

What time do Liverpool players arrive at Anfield?

Generally, players get to the ground 2,5-3 hours before the kick-off. The players’ entrance is located underneath the Shankly Gates.