Liverpool’s seating plan for Anfield can significantly help a football fan planning to visit the match. But it won’t give you a clear understanding of the exact situation with possible obstacles that can make the game not so much fun for you. So is there a solution?

Before buying a ticket, check the seat view available right below. In this U7 area seating plan, you can select the necessary row and seat. After that, you can see what you are looking for. The exact picture will help you make the right choice and enjoy top-quality football with superb comfort.

anfield section U7 seating plan

Row 63

anfield block U7 row 63 seat 195 view

Seat 195

Row 64

anfield block U7 row 64 seat 181 view

Seat 181

Row 77

anfield block U7 row 77 seat 201 view

Seat 201

Row 78

anfield block U7 row 78 seat 187 view

Seat 187

Row 89

anfield block U7 row 89 seat 196 view

Seat 196

Row 91

anfield block U7 row 91 seat 189 view

Seat 189