Key facts

Address Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough
Capacity 26,677 seats
Build Date 1903
Demolished 1997
Record Attendance 53,596


Ayresome Park used to be located in Middlesbrough, the UK. It was built in 1903, and right away became the main training venue of Middlesbrough F.C. It served well for the football club for the next ninety-two years. There were no changes made to the ground until 1937 when a South Stand was built.

In 1949, over 53,000 football fans visited the Middlesbrough F.C./Newcastle United F.C. game held at the stadium. In 17 years, Ayresome Park was chosen for several games of the World Cup. That is why 4,000 more seats were added to the stadium. There were competitions between players from Italia, North Korea, USSR, and Chile.

Over the following several decades, the condition of the stadium got worse, and in 1980, two football fans were killed due to the collapse of one of the pillars. In six years, the ground was locked because of the liquidation of the football club. It was saved, eventually, and the stadium was re-opened.

The capacity of Ayresome Park had to be reduced in order to match the safety requirements, and the stadium could not be renovated because of the limited possibilities of the housing. In 1995, Middlesborough F.C found a new home — the Riverside Stadium, and that is why the stadium was not needed anymore. It was fully ruined in 1997.