Key facts

Address Blackwell Meadows, Grange Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 5NR
Capacity 1,500 seats
Build Date 1996


Blackwell Meadows is a football stadium that was opened in Darlington, the UK. Today it is the home of Darlington F.C. From 1994 to 2016, a range of improvements was made to the stadium so that it could fit more spectaculars and match the high standards of Football Association. In 2016, the football club decided to return to the hometown, and that is why they started to search for the ground suitable for their training and games. Finally, they decided that Blackwell Meadows is the best option. Due to the agreements between Darlington F.C. and a local Rugby Club, the ground became available for the football club.

In 2018, the capacity of the stadium was enlarged in nearly two times, reaching 588 seats. There are several flat standing areas provided on each side of this stand. There is also an 8-step high, covered terrace called the ‘Tin Shed.’ It is located the one end of the Blackwell Meadows. The name of the terrace was chosen based on the similarities in structures with Feethams Ground. The new stand was built with mainly new materials, but some steel framework was also used. The capacity of ‘Tin Shed’ is 1,000. West Terrace of the stadium has 8 modern floodlights. Today, the capacity of the stadium has 794 seats.