Bramall Lane

Key Facts

Address Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4SU
Capacity 30,936 seats
Build Date 1862
Record Attendance 68,287



Bramall Lane is one of the oldest UK football grounds that was built in Sheffield, the UK in 1855. Initially, it was opened as a cricket ground, but in 1862, the first football game was played at the stadium.

Being the main football stadium in the region, the Bramall Lane hosted the most notable local football matches, including the Youdan Cup that took place in 1867; the Cromwell Cup in 1868, and more.

The stadium has been the home for Sheffield United since 1889. It is one of the UK stadiums that have hosted the UK football internationals. The highest attendance was noted in 1936 when the ground was visited by more than 68,000 football fans during the Fifth Round of FA Cup.

Before a national UK stadium was built in London, the ground was often used for international matches.

In 1989, after Taylor report was published, a range of improvement was planned to ensure the safety of the ground, and today Bramall Lane comes with three new stands. The ground comes with the capacity of 32,702. It is one of the oldest football stadiums in the world that can still be used for international matches.

Away Fans

Away Fans can find places in the Bramall Lane End, which is the oldest the stands at Bramall Lane. All of the seats are made of wood.

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