Key facts

Address Cressing Road Stadium, Braintree, Essex CM7 3RD
Capacity 4,000 seats
Build Date 1923


Cressing Road, which is also referred to as the Avanti Stadium, is located in Braintree, the UK. Currently, it is the home of a local football club called Braintree Town. The stadium is suitable for 4,151 people.

The ground was built for general sports purposes in 1923, and the very first football game was held at Avanti in the same year. A grandstand with 400 seats was ready in 1924. Cressing Road became the regular destination for the Junior Cup in the region of Essex. In 1926, the football match hosted at the ground watch 6,000 people, which is the highest attendance of the stadium by football fans so far. Over the next several years, the stadium was used for a range of final as well as semi-final matches.

In the early 1930s, a 2nd grandstand was constructed. In the middle 1970s, the stadium could not be used because it required certain repairs, and that is why Braintree Town had to be looking for other stadiums for training and games, among which were the following venues: Tabor Avenue of the local rugby club, Scraley Road of Heybridge Swifts, and the Courtaulds Ground. Finally, during 1983-1984, the football club started upgrading the ground, building another grandstand with 292 seats that was ready in the late 1980s.