Built in 1897, Elland Road stadium has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting Leeds United F.C. The ground depicts the club’s glorious history and is home of 37,890 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address Elland Road, Beeston, Leeds, England
Postcode LS11 0ES
Capacity 37,890 seats
Club Leeds United F.C.
Build Date 1897
Architect Multiple
Average Attendance 33,598 (Season 2018/19)
Record Attendance 57,892 (Leeds United v. Sunderland, 15 March 1967)
Stadium Cost n/a
Roof Covering all seats
Who is the owner of Elland Road Stadium? Leeds United Football Club Limited
Pitch Size 105 m × 68 m
Where is Elland Road located? 53°46′40″N 1°34′20″W
Nickname Old Peacock Ground (former name)
Surface GrassMaster

Seating plan

Elland Road stadium seating plan

This stadium was originally built in 1897. It immediately got the nickname ‘The Old Peacock Ground’, which sounds quiet odd. However, there was a popular pub nearby known as ‘The Old Peacock’. Thus, the playground’s nickname wasn’t a surprise at all. Holbeck Rugby Club was its first occupant, but sadly this rugby team only existed until 1904. Since 1902, Leeds City FC played football matches at the ground. Soon after the football club of Leeds became the only stadium’s tenant, they purchased the venue and started its expansion and modification. Due to the Great War and financial scandal, Leeds City FC ceased to exist, and the stadium’s future was uncertain. In 1920, the newly formed Leeds United purchased Elland Road for only £250.

In the present day, the venue looks quite good, although some of its facilities are a little dated. A few improvements in the ground’s appearance and the roof took place in 2017.

Elland Road consists of four separate stands with rounded corners. The North and the South stands are located behind the stadium’s goals. The John Charles West Stand the East Stand are its longside stands.

Speaking about the categories of seats, they include:

  • Blue Area – Corporate Hospitality;
  • Pink Area – Bremner Suite;
  • Orange Area – some of the East and West stand seats normally available on general sale;
  • Green Area – Family area located at the John Charles West Stand;
  • Grey Area – Away Supporters’ zone at the John Charles West Stand and south-west corner zone;
  • Yellow Area – the North and South stands.

Although today the stadium in Leeds is far from being the most modern football venue, it used to have an important place in the English map of the football grounds. Among the epic battles, it hosted three group matches of the Euro 1996 Championships.



If you are looking for the most convenient way to buy tickets for the game played at the home ground of Leeds United, go to Ticket Compare. This time-saving solution features reasonable prices, intuitive interface, advanced navigation, and worldwide delivery. The service is trustworthy, and often offers some of the best tickets, which are unavailable everywhere else. Alternatively, you can use the standard options of the football fan:

  • The official website of LUFC;
  • Call Centre on 0371 334 1992;
  • West Stand ticket office located at the ground of the Whites.

Category A and B matches are priced in various ways. In general, the adult tickets range from £27 to £41. Concession match ticket prices range between £22 and £27. Juniors pay even less than that. Ticket prices are always subject to change. So if you are interested in a particular game, check the up-to-date official information.

Hotels near


Leeds is the city of the students and nightlife, marvellous outdoor spaces and cheap takeaways, convenient transport and great shopping. Elland Road is likely to be within a convenient two or three-mile-away distance from the place of your stay.


  1. Dakota Leeds – is located 2 miles away from the sports venue in Leeds. You’ll love spending time in the heart of this vibrant and beautiful city. Spacious and tastefully decorated rooms include outstanding amenities. The price per night is £152.
  2. Hanover House Apartments – is another centric spot where you can stay with top comfort in Leeds. It’s a super cosy, very light, and fully equipped apartment. You’ll feel at home in this place, and they charge only £83 per night for a one-bedroom apartment with plenty of space.
  3. Quebecs – if you want to stay like a king in Leeds, this is another awesome accommodation you should be checking. This four-star hotel is located in the grand Victorian building in the centre of Leeds, 2 miles away from the stadium. It’s also reasonably priced. £114 per night is a bargain for the venue of such a high level.
  4. Roomzzz Leeds City – this luxury apartment is situated 2.5 miles away from Elland Road. There is nothing to dislike about this place because it’s perfect. Numerous shopping, transportation, and going-out options nearby will please every customer. They charge £112 per night.
  5. DoubleTree by Hilton Leeds – provides the best opportunity to enjoy the centre of Leeds and stay not far away from the city’s main sports ground. Prepare to pay £146 per night and experience the outstanding hospitality of the world-class venue.

How to get to

Elland Road on the map

Getting around Leeds is incredibly easy. The public transport is running like clockwork. In many cases, you’ll be able to walk while exploring Leeds, especially if you choose to stay in the city’s centre. Taxi is also very affordable.

By Train – Leeds Rail station is located about 2 miles away from the football ground. It can be reached within a 30-minute walk or 15-minute bus ride.

By Bus – the bus lines 51, 52, and 54 connect Leeds Rail station with the main sports venue of the city. Leeds City Bus Station is located an opposite way from the railway station. But the lines 51 and 52 also work fine for this direction. Depending on your route, the bus lines 55, 65, 75, and 229 MAX can be also helpful on your way to the football spectacle.

By Car – as usual, I recommend using sat nav to reach the stadium on a matchday, because the general directions may not be efficient due to traffic intensity. The stadium’s address is Elland Road, Beeston, Leeds, England, LS11 0ES.

By Plane – Leeds Bradford Airport is located 10 miles north-west of Elland Road. It can be reached within a 30-minute drive. If you prefer using public transport, Flying Tiger 757 connects the airport with the heart of the city. From there you can take one of the following buses: 51, 54, 55, or 229 MAX.


It’s not easy to park your car near the football stadium in Leeds before the match. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in Leeds is £3-5.

Eating out nearby


Leeds is famous for its street food and numerous takeaways which can be spotted around every corner. If you prefer to chill at the restaurants or party in the pubs, you’ll find exactly what you like, especially in the heart of the city. Vivid nightlife never ends in Leeds. You can go out on any day of the week and dance all night if that’s what you like. In general, there are numerous great culinary spots there. Below you can get the list of recommended places to stop by.

Pubs, bars & cafes

  • The Cross Keys – is one of the most amazing pubs in Leeds. It can be reached within a 30-minute walk from the football ground. They serve meals mainly from the local seasonal products. Their bar is simply fantastic.
  • The Brunswick – is a very popular drinking spot in the centre of Leeds. It will take you a bit over 30 minutes to get from there to the stadium if you take the bus line 51 or 52. The place is super cosy, and the menu is pretty impressive. It features most of the things you would expect to find in the pub, including the roast and even the vegan burgers and plenty of tap beer.
  • The Domino – features a friendly atmosphere and live music after 9 pm. If you are a fan of jazz, in particular, there is no better place to enjoy dinner in Leeds. This bar’s service is very convenient. You’ll certainly love the selection of drinks and meals on their menu.


  • Fazenda Leeds – is on the pricey side, but if you can afford to pay £37 for the evening selection or £20-26 for lunch, you should stop there. It’s a very special and atmospheric grill bar with an incredibly talented chef.
  • Ox Club – is another very special place situated almost 4 miles away from Elland Road. It’s the restaurant of modern British cuisine, and if you’d like to find out what exactly it means, you need to check it out yourself. The venue is very high-rated, and it features a gorgeous rooftop bar and a creative menu. Meat-eaters will especially love this restaurant.
  • The Oxford Place – is a reasonably priced but extremely high-quality restaurant located two miles away from the stadium in Leeds. If you are a fan of generous portions, this venue won’t be disappointing.

Things to see at the stadium


Although no one can argue that the history of Leeds United is quite impressive, their stadium currently doesn’t have too many interesting things to show off. Luckily, you can visit the stadium tour, which should be quite exciting for any football supporter. From time to time, the official club events take place at the venue. Among them are Q&A nights, movies, and special holiday festivals.


Would you like to go behind the scenes at Elland Road? Well, today it’s no problem. The venue offers opportunities to experience unique emotions and to see its secret and hidden locations. You can even have a seat at the club manager’s couch. Leeds stadium tours don’t even stop during the summer. For the detailed information, visit LUFC’s official site

Fan store

Leeds United Official Club Store has many bargains. It can be found in the Merrion Centre – one of the largest shopping malls in the heart of the city. Every guest of Leeds can choose among tons of amazing souvenirs related to the football club. The official online shop of LUFC is also known as Superstore. The fans of Leeds United will enjoy choosing from thousands of their awesome items!.

Things to do in Leeds


Nestled in the north of England in West Yorkshire, this city is a marvellous tourist destination, which is equally great for the students, elder friends, families with kids, and solo travellers. It’s very abundant with the things to learn and to do so that you won’t be bored during your stay in Leeds. Whether you are interested in stylish shopping, delicious dining, art, nightlife, or a combination of various things, Leeds is likely to satisfy all your desires.

Sightseeing tour

City bus tours are loved by millions of people worldwide. Open-top bus tours are available in Leeds and are convenient for overviewing the city and its major places of interest. The prices are very affordable and start at £10 per adult and £31 per group of four tourists. Additional discounts are available for families and concessions. Another great thing is that the tickets are valid for two days. The bus tour in Leeds only features ten bus stops, but considering the city’s compact centre, it’s hardly surprising. Among the other tours available there are Leeds breweries tours, ghost tours, and stunning evening cruises on the River Ouse.

Top 3 places to visit

Royal Armouries Museum – is an amazing place to visit in Leeds. It’s recommended for all ages because it’s such an inspiring site with a wonderful historical museum, stunning canals with water taxis, and so much more. And what’s the best part of it? You won’t believe it, but it’s free.

Kirkstall Abbey – one-of-a-kind architecture of this fabulous and, surprisingly, a free site will certainly impress you. The medieval castle is rich in history and underrated among tourists. It was built over 800 years ago, and there are plenty of things you can learn there. It’s also a wonderful place for a picnic and the event such as a wedding ceremony.

Yorkshire Dales – if you are considering day trip options, this is your chance to visit several charming destinations hidden in the area of Yorkshire Dales National Park. On your way to the natural beauties, you’ll be impressed by a lovely market town of Hawes, Bolton Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots once had lived, the traditional Dales village of Kettlewell, and much more.