Ewen Fields

Key Facts

Address Hyde, Greater Manchester
Capacity 4250 seats
Build Date 1885

Ewen Fields, Hyde, Greater Manchester


Ewen Fields is a football stadium constructed in 1885 in Hyde, the UK. It has been the home of Hyde United F.C since 1919. The ground has hosted football clubs from other towns. In 2000, Ewen Fields was significantly extended. Today its capacity reaches 4,250 people. The stadium has 530 seats.

The Manchester Spartans, an American football team, used the ground in the 1980s. The stadium also hosted Sheffield and Oldham during a Rugby super league in 1997.

There are 5 covered stands, including the Shed End, the Main Stand (the only seated stand), the Leigh Street, the Tinker’s Passage End, and the Walker Lane End. There are also dressing rooms, sponsors lounge, boardroom, toilets, and bar.

There is the social club close to the Shed End, which is next to the Tinker’s Passage End, the area dedicated to away fans.

The Leigh Street Stand is located on the opposite side of the Main Stand and Shed End. Football fans will also find a refreshments bar there.

The Walker Lane End also known as the Baths End is parallel to the goal line. In 2010, Manchester City invested in some rebuilding of the football stadium according to the clubs’ partnership, which also allowed the club to use the ground for four years until 2014. Thanks to this, Hyde United were saved from the bankruptcy.

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