Built in 2016, Groupama Stadium has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting FC Olympique Lyonnais. The ground depicts the club’s glorious history and is home of 59,186 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address 10, Avenue Simone Veil, 69150 Decines-Charpieu, Rhone, France
Postcode 69150
Capacity 59,186 seats
Club Olympique Lyonnais
Build Date 2016
Architect Populus Ltd.
Average Attendance 34,176 (Season 2017 – 2018)
Record Attendance 58,607 (rugby: France XV vs New Zealand, 14 November, 2017)
Stadium Cost £373 million
Roof Unavailable
Who is the owner of Groupama Stadium? OL Groupe
Pitch Size 105 m by 68 m
Where is Groupama Stadium located? 45°45′55″N 4°58′55″E
Nickname Parc Olympique Lyonnais (former name), Stade de Lyon
Surface Grass

Seating plan

Groupama Stadium plan

Located in the commune in the Metropolis of Lyon, Groupama Stadium represents a huge sports complex featuring the arena itself in addition to corporate buildings, offices and training facilities for the team host. The stadium was built in 2016 as a substitution to the older Stade de Gerland. The arena has been a home for the local team since 1950. The newly established Stade de Lyon has been hosting some UEFA Europa League matches.

The stadium boasts great hospitality facilities. Visitors can treat themselves with pretty high foodservice delivered in local bars, cafes, banquet halls and meeting rooms. The arena is equipped with over 100 executive boxes where guest can apply for assistance. Corporate lounges are available for business travellers and VIP personas.

The stadium is divided into two short and long sides:

  • Left or North short side section is the home of Lyon supporters;
  • Right or South short-side section is for guest fans;
  • Two long-side sections are located opposite each other;
  • The one from the main entrance features seats for VIP and special guests.

Note: Smoking and drinking inside the stadium are prohibited unless you visit local bars and cafes.



Considering a long path to Decines-Charpieu where the stadium is located, the best bet is to buy tickets in advance. This is when Ticket Compare ticket service will come in handy. A simple interface and fast purchasing procedure will let you buy tickets to any match with just a few clicks.

Once you require more information about the seats available and current prices, feel free to visit the official website of Groupama Stadium. Here you will find all the necessary contact information, latest news, and other insights. Once you need to keep in touch with the arena administration, simply feel in the contact form.

As for the ticket prices, they generally range from £26 to £247 no matter if it is the UEFA match or one of the local competitions. The price depends on the side and row location:

  • Short side upper row tickets range from £26 and £40;
  • Short-side lower row tickets range from £40 and £54;
  • Long-side upper row tickets range from £54 and £135;
  • Long-side lower row tickets range from £135 and £247.

Those who need to buy tickets right in the city can visit the OL store located at the 104 Rue du President Edouard Herriot in the downtown of Lyon.

Hotels near


  1. Comfort Hotel Stadium Eurexpo Lyon – a room featuring a “queen-size” in this hotel will cost you £72 per night. The venue is located several minutes’ walk from Groupama Stadium as well as 10 minutes on public transport from Eurexpo entertaining centre.
  2. City Break Lyon Eurexpo, Grand Stade OL – the hotel offers huge apartments with three bedrooms for £257 per night. It seems like a good option if you are travelling with a huge family of fans. Good news is that the hotel is located right in the Decines-Charpieu commune.
  3. B&B Hôtel Lyon Grand Stade Meyzieu – is the cheapest variant in our list with the price from £48/night. The hotel represents a traditional bed & breakfast concept. Located 12 minutes’ walk from the beach, it features personal parking places for each guest. It will take guests about 8 minutes to get to Eurexpo by public transport.

How to get to

Groupama Stadium on the map

Once you fail to find the arena, simply go to Lyon suburbs, also known as the Decines-Charpieu commune. It will hardly take you much time, as the commune is only 6 miles from the city downtown. You have several options, including train or even taxi.

By Car – if you prefer travelling on your own car and suddenly got lost, simply head to the N346 / E15 motorway. The arena is located next to it.

By Train – the train is the best option when it comes to public transport. It will take you about 10 minutes to walk from the Decines Grand Large railway station to the stadium. Follow the tram line #3. On matchdays, visitors can benefit from an additional branch that delivers them right to the front entrance.

By Taxi – taxi is a good alternative for those who stay in the city and want a quick trip before and after the match. The prices are comparatively low. Prepare to pay about £21 for the whole trip (£1 per 1 mile in addition to £2 for the order). Pay attention that the prices may go up at the matchday.

By Plane – Lyon-Saint Exupery accepts international flights from over 120 different countries. It provides a simple way to get to the city centre in only 30 minutes. Simply take the Aeroexpress train (Rhonexpress). It departs every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Make sure to buy tickets in advance using a simple form below.


I can’t call Lyon a car-friendly city. Car parks are always scarce there and especially on matchdays. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in Lyon is £7.

Eating out nearby


Considering the fact that Stade de Lyon is located in the suburbs, you should not expect much when it comes to eating out. The farmlands and small houses of residents mainly surround the area. However, you can still choose from a decent selection of venues to eat out in the fresh air and in a cool atmosphere as well as have a drink or two to celebrate the victory.

  • Eden Rock Cafe – although you are 6 miles away from the big city, there is always a place for some rock-n-roll. The venue hosts live shows every Friday in addition to fast-casual foodservice concept. Try local burgers. They are certainly worth it.
  • Le Gnome et Rhone – totally dedicated to motorsports, the venue boasts great interior that makes it look like a museum. You can observe a retro bike model right in the centre of the café in addition to posters all around the walls.
  • Cafe Du Pond – is a cosy place to have a couple of drinks featuring snacks before the match. They serve traditional French cuisine made with fresh ingredients right from the farmlands. A good thing about the venue is an outdoor open terrace. A perfect choice for a sunny day!

Things to see at the stadium


Visitors will never get bored before and after the match. The curators arrange different excursions and stadium tours, letting you get behind the curtains and follow the path of Lyon’s football glory in the local museum.


At Groupama Stadium, visitors can take advantage of the guided stadium tours. It is actually a single tour divided into several segments. The route includes visiting player’s tunnel and changing rooms followed by the press hall where top players and managers share their emotions after the match. Hospitality areas are also included in the stadium tour that lasts 75 minutes. If you are in a hurry, feel free to opt for a shorter version that will take you only 45 minutes and major places to see. The regular 75-minute tour costs £16 while the shorter version is £8.

NOTE: the tour takes place up to 10 days a month. You need to check the current schedule at the official website of the stadium.


Groupama Stadium museum depicts the team’s history, achievements and the most glorious moments. Visitors will walk the whole path from the Bellecour cafe at the Parc OL to the Stade des Iris et Gerland and Stade de Lyon. Visitors can take part in special programs arranged by the museum curators as well. For more detailed information, contact the museum curator, Stephane Benas on email: musee@ol.fr or call 04 81 07 49 70.

Fan store

FC Lyon’s fan store is available both online and live. Here visitors can choose from a range of sports accessories, jerseys with the names of their beloved players, winter clothes and more. Apart from the official website, you can look for a shop in three major locations:

  1. OL store – Groupama Stadium. Address: 10 Avenue Simone Veil, 69150 Decines-Charpieu. Working hours: Monday to Saturday, From 10am to 7pm.
  2. OL store – Lyon Centre. Address: 104-106 rue Edouard Herriot – 69002 Lyon. Working hours: Monday to Saturday, From 10am to 7pm.
  3. OL store – Villefranche. Address: 831 rue Nationale, 69400 Villefranche-sur-Saone. Working hours: Monday to Saturday, From 10am to 7pm. Sunday: From 10am to 6pm.

Things to do in Decines-Charpieu

Vieux Lyon

Although surrounded mainly by the farmlands, Decines-Charpieu still has some great things to see. It hosts numerous galleries and exhibitions. Moreover, the community is the perfect place for those who have a real value for nature, fresh air, and great views.

Sightseeing tour

Eurexpo welcomes true lovers of contemporary and traditional French art. Here you can choose from a range of exhibitions for all tastes. Those who crave for more thrilling entertainments can opt for OL Escape. It’s a type of escape and puzzle game for a big company.

Top 5 places to visit

All major attractions and places are located 12-18 miles away from the community. However, they are all easily accessible via public transport. You can also order packed tours and visit the following places:

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere can be seen from anywhere in Lyon. It represents a diverse architectural approach reflecting retro-Byzantine confection. The building itself is glittering white due to lots of marble and stained glass. As you walk in, you will be impressed by the hallucinogenic ceiling.

Fourviere Hill – apart from amazing city view from above, it is probably the best tourists’ destination for those who want to take the fullest from a trip within a short period. This is where culture, history, and adventure meet. Watch the amazing Tour Metallique that is 88 meters tall or take one of two available funicular lines to make the day.

Vieux Lyon or the Old Town is the best opportunity to learn Lyon from the inside. Once you step into the district, you will go back in time to the Renaissance period with a chance to touch history at every step. Since the 16th century, Vieux Lyon was the main part of the city. Here you can track the evolution from the Renaissance to the machinery era, which resulted in pollution at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the district is sacred and protected by the government as the historical heritage.

Dombes, Ain – a plateau in the Ain department is the pace of tranquillity and union with nature. Prepare for the most amazing views and picturesque scenery.

Cremieu, Isere – the town appeared in the 13th century. It will appear to be a time machine and take you back in time where cliffs hug the ancient castle. Here you can also visit the local market hall built in the 15th century.