Stade de France

Key Facts

Address 93216 Saint-Denis la Plaine
Capacity 80,000 seats
Build Date 1998

Stade De France - Saint-Denis


Stade de France is a stadium located in Paris, France. Its capacity is 81,338, which makes it the largest stadium in the country, the 6th largest stadium in Europe, and the 10th biggest stadium in the world. It was designed by Zublena, Macary, Costantini, and Regembal. Stade de France was constructed within three years for the FIFA World Cup and opened in 1998. Currently, it is mainly used for Rugby matches, International Football as well as major music concerts.

The stadium features a range of unique elements of design. For instance, there are the stairs that gradually become wider as you move towards the top. This allows maximizing the number of seats as well as helps the crowd to leave the ground easily. The lower tier of the stadium has seats that can be retracted backward in order to free space for a running track, which is usually hidden under the football pitch.

Stade de France has been chosen a venue for The 2020 European Athletics Championships. It will also host both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2024 Summer Olympics as well as the athletics events.

This is the only stadium in the world that has hosted Rugby World Cup and Football World Cup finals. During 2004-2006, it was also a venue for the Race of Champions.

How to Get to Stade de France

There are two stations located near the ground: La Plaine and St. Denis.
You can also take metro Line 13 to station St. Denis.

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