Key facts

Address Macoya, Trinidad
Capacity 6,000 seats


Marvin Lee Stadium is a medium stadium located in the city of Macoya, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It was named after the captain, who was injured during an Under-20 World Cup game, which led him to being paralyzed until the rest of his not very long life.

Although it is suitable for different kinds of sports, it is mainly used by football clubs. This is the permanent home ground of Joe Public F.C. (Eastern Lions), a club that used to be a member of the Professional League of the republic. The stadium is capable of hosting around 6,000 fans.

In 2007, the playing surface was covered with artificial turf. It was the first of the Caribbean stadiums to get it. It cost 8 million Trinidadian dollars to provide this surface for the pitch, which was successfully achieved thanks to the financial help of FIFA.

The very first game that took place at the stadium was the football match between Caledonia AIA and Joe Public F.C., which resulted in the victory of the away team. In 2008, the stadium was chosen to be the venue for a qualifying game for the World Cup that was held between Bermuda and the republic, which resulted in the victory of the away team with the score of 2-1.