Key facts

Address Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago
Capacity 7,100 seats


Sangre Grande Regional Complex is a medium stadium located in the city of Sangre Grande, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Although it can be used for different kinds of sports, it is mainly used for football matches by the local football clubs. The total capacity of the stadium is approximately 7,100 people. There is a running track around the pitch.

There are both covered and uncovered seats installed at the stadium. It used to be the permanent home ground of North East Stars, a former football club based in Arima that was founded in 2001. Later, the club was renamed Ma Pau Stars S.C. and started to play their home games at Larry Gomes Stadium, a stadium with the total capacity of 10,000 people.

The indoor facility of the complex includes accommodation for fans and teams as well as other facilities, such as concession areas, kitchens, bars, training classrooms, corporate management offices, a swimming pool, an amphitheatre, play park for children, car parking, and many others.

Not only is this complex suitable for various sporting events, but it may also be used for different non-sportive corporate and private events. Although there is an official Facebook account of the stadium, it does not contain any information about it.