Key facts

Address 33 Filton Ave, Bristol BS7 0BF
Capacity 12,300
Build Date 1921
Record attendance 12,011 (Bristol Rovers vs West Bromwich Albion, 9 March 2008)
Who is the owner of Memorial Stadium? Bristol Rovers FC
Pitch Size 101 m by 68 m
Where is Memorial Stadium located? 51.48622°N 2.583134°W
Nickname Memorial Ground
Surface Grass


The Memorial Stadium is the home of Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby Club.

A notable thing about the ground is that it has a bar overlooking the pitch, when the kickoff commences, however automatic, electronic shutters come down over the window to the bar so that people cannot watch the game from the bar. I found this mildly amusing at the time.


There is a bar inside the ground, there are a lot of trendy bars in Bristol to go drinking – but be warned the ground is a long way from the centre and the traffic is bedlom.

How to get to

The ground is a very long way away from the Bristol Town Centre, it is advised to either get a bus or taxi to the ground. Usually if you head towards the bus station and get on the same bus as people wearing team colours and get off the bus when they do you’ll get to the ground okay.