Built in 1923, Mestalla stadium has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting Valencia C.F. The ground depicts the club’s glorious history and is home of 48,600 of its dedicated supporters.

Key facts

Address Avenida Suecia, s/n, Valencia, Spain
Postcode 46010
Capacity 48,600 seats
Club Valencia Club de Fútbol
Build Date 1923
Architect Francisco Almenar Quinzá
Average Attendance 38,502 (Season 2017 – 2018)
Record Attendance 55,000 (Valencia 2:0 Sevilla, 30 August 2009)
Stadium Cost
Roof Only west stand Av Suecia has the roofing
Who is the owner of Mestalla? Valencia C.F.
Pitch Size 105 m × 70 m
Where is Mestalla located? 39.47146° N 0.35502° E
Nickname Estadio Luis Casanova (former name from 1969 to 1994)
Surface Grass

Seating plan

Mestalla seating plan

Mestalla is currently the eighth largest arena in Spain. The ground is relatively old and it had seen a number of historical events. There was a concentration camp during the Spanish Civil War, a warehouse during World War II, and it was damaged by a 1957 flood when River Turia broke its banks. Every time when Mestalla suffered from some events, it was renovated and now it’s a wonderful sports ground which is well worth visiting.

The sports venue itself combines features of the European-style bowls and British classic arenas with separate stands. Mestalla is comprised of four stands, such as Gol Norte (north), Gol Sur (south), Av Aragon (east), and Av Suecia (west). The most thrilling of all is Gol Norte which is considered one of the steepest stands in Europe. If available, I definitely recommend picking the highest seats for one of a lifetime experience. The stand located behind the opposite goals is Gol Sur. The most passionate fans of the Bats sit there. Av Aragon is the stadium’s largest stand which is connected with the north and south stand ends to form a horseshoe-shaped construction. Finally, Av Suecia has the smallest number of seats but it’s the only one of four that has the roofing which can protect the spectators from the hot Mediterranean sun and occasional rains. It’s also the stand where the players’ tunnel and changing rooms can be found. The away fans are normally placed at the north-east corner of the ground within the upper tiers.

The ticket categories at Av Suecia tend to be the most expensive, while Gol Sur has some of the cheapest seating options. All ticket categories at Mestalla are as follows:

  • Av Suecia;
  • Av Aragon;
  • Gol Norte;
  • Gol Sur.



Valencia is proud to have a very high attendance at Mestalla, so it’s hard to rely on an assumption there will be some tickets available at the office on a matchday. But as always, you have options. Ticket Compare is a great platform you should use if you wish to book the best seats quickly and conveniently.

Another simple alternative is to buy tickets directly from Valencia C.F.’s website. However, the tickets become available only eight days prior to the kick-off, which is sort of inconvenient if you plan your trip to Valencia in advance. In any case, here are two other ways to purchase Mestalla tickets:

  • The official ticket site of Valencia C.F.
  • The ticket office at Mestalla stadium which is usually open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays.

Keep in mind, that if you are a visiting team’s fan, the access to the gates can be denied to you if your seat is located outside the Away Team Sector.

Also, the pricing depends on the tournament, game status, opponent’s popularity, and so on. For example, I’ll provide below the approximate prices for the regular local match and the European fixture with the opposing team such as Manchester United in the brackets:

  • Av Suecia – £40-54 (£134-206);
  • Av Aragon – £31-49 (£76-138);
  • Gol Norte – £13-31 (£76-129);
  • Gol Sur – £13-31 (£76-129).

Hotels near


Valencia is an important coastal city in Spain. In fact, it’s the third largest city in the whole country and also the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia. Since it has a warm climate, great infrastructure, and a number of amazing places of interest, the hotels in Valencia sometimes get pricey.

I have previously found some hidden gems in Valencia, so check them out before you book your hotel.

Cheapest offers

  1. Valencia Suits You Citytel – a fifteen-minute walk in a park can bring you from this 9.3/10-rated hotel to your seat at Mestalla. This is certainly a unique proposal in the centre of Valencia for the price starting at £34. I haven’t stayed there yet because it’s always booked in advance, but it definitely worth checking if you are on a budget.
  2. Sweet Hotel Renasa – it will take you about 7 minutes to walk to the ground on a matchday. In that area of Valencia, it’s hard to find anything else like this place for £48 per night. It’s modern, clean, and quiet enough despite the closeness of the noisy main street.


  1. Hospes Palau de La Mar – oh my goodness, this hotel is like nothing else! Imagine a 19-century building, the spacious rooms with marble bathrooms, a hot tube, spa, sauna, massage rooms, a small gym, and a unique inspiring location near Downtown of Valencia. What’s great for all football fans – this luxury hotel is located only half a mile away from Mestalla. If you can afford to pay £161 per night, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.
  2. The Westin Valencia – if you want to stay even closer to Mestalla, consider this diamond of Modernist architecture. The price is just about the same as in the previous example. The hotel is simply amazing. World-class service, large and ideally clean rooms with cosy balconies are there. The pool and sauna are already included in the price.
  3. Hotel Dimar – another fantastic centric hotel in Valencia situated only 0.8 miles away from the city’s main football ground. The décor, food, overall atmosphere are great. The rooms are not super large but the beds and pillows are extremely comfortable and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The cheapest room for two costs about £134.

How to get to

Mestalla Stadium on the map

Valencia is an important economic, cultural, and transport hub in the southern part of Spain. There are countless ways how you can get to Valencia from your city or town.

By Metro – Aragón station located on the metro line 5 in Valencia is a perfect option for those going to Mestalla. If you are close to the metro line 3, there is no need to search for line 5. Simply go along the metro line 3, take off at Facultats station and you’ll have to walk only for five more minutes before you reach the arena.

By Bus – taking the bus in Valencia is a fine idea too. Many bus lines stop in the Mestalla area. Among them are the buses # 10, 12, 32, 41, 79, and a night bus N1, which functions 24-hours a day on weekdays.

By Car – there are multiple ways to get to Mestalla by car so I simply suggest to use the map in your smartphone and search for “Avenida Suecia s/n, 46010 Valencia” or “Estadio de Mestalla.” As usual, in historic city centres, car parking space is extremely scarce, especially during the matchdays. I suggest choosing the other way of transportation or simply catch a cab.

By Plane – if you are travelling by plane, the air gate of Valencia is Manises Airport. It’s located only 10 miles away from Mestalla. The metro line 5 can bring you from the airport directly to the stadium within 25 minutes.


Valencia is a touristic gem – no wonder street parking space in this city is always limited. If you are going to Mestalla hours before a vivid football battle, prepare to search for a parking spot really well. However, there is always a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking price near the sports venue in Valencia is £4.

Eating out nearby


Valencian region and especially the regional capital is a Spanish foodie heaven. Whether your choice is eating like a local or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Valencia has a number of incredible options for you. The prices in this city are quite pleasant, and especially if your matchday happens to be in early April during Valencia Restaurant Week. This gastronomic event cuts down the prices in over 50 local restaurants. The must-try dishes in the city are paella Valenciana, fideuà (noodle paella), and calabaza asada (roasted pumpkin).

Pubs, bars & cafes

  • Tasquita Del Mar – one of the best pubs in Valencia with amazing Spanish, Argentinian, and Mediterranean food. They make some of the best paellas in Valencia, and they certainly have TVs for the football fans. This dog-friendly pub is located 0.8 miles away from the stadium.
  • Bar Manolo del Bombo – this place can be found just next to Mestalla. You really can’t get any closer. It’s owned by one of the biggest fans of la Roja who attended the last ten World Cups! The bar has a very friendly atmosphere and you can always hear a bunch of fun stories there.
  • Cocktails Pub Roa – if you are looking for a place where to try some of the nicest Valencia’s cocktails, this is it. They have a great variety of cocktails. There is a pleasant outdoor terrace but you can sit inside just as fine and enjoy some wonderful music too. It should take you about 15-20 minutes to walk from this pub to the ground.


  • Restaurante Aragon 58 – is a delightful seafood restaurant within a 5-minute walk from Mestalla. This place can make any evening in Valencia truly special whether you have an occasion for this or no.
  • El Sequer Bistronomia – is another awesome restaurant near Mestalla. They have a great choice of European, Spanish, and Mediterranean dishes. I especially recommend trying scallops and sweet corn. It’s truly a hidden pearl of the city.

Things to see at the stadium


Mestalla cannot boast with dozens of various stadium tour options. In fact, there is currently only one tour. However, it’s exciting and is available in English, which is great for foreigners like us. Among the things you can see, there are the trophy room, the press room, the home dressing room, and certainly the tunnel, which is always a special adventure.


Going behind the scenes of a big stadium with incredible history is always fun. Mestalla Forever Tour is a truly unique 1-hour walkthrough which reveals some of the greatest secrets of the ground. Keep in mind that if it’s a matchday, the home team locker is not available. Normally, there are at least five tours available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The tour is reasonably priced, which is especially great if you are not particularly Valencia’s fan but just happened to visit this city on the Mediterranean. The prices for the Mestalla stadium tour are as follows:

  • Adults aged 12 and up – £9;
  • Reduced – £7;
  • Season ticket holders – £5.

Children from 5 to 12 years old, students, pensioners, and disabled people are charged the reduced rate. Mestalla Forever Tour tickets can be purchased at Gate 3 of the arena or at Valencia’s official site. Please visit it to get more information on tickets availability, office contacts, etc.


The first football museum in the region with rich sports traditions is a great addition to the stadium tour at Mestalla. In 2019, Valencia is celebrating its 100-th anniversary and it’s important for the club that the place of the exhibition was recently officially recognized as the museum of the Communitat Valencia. Currently, Mestalla museum is only available for the public as part of the stadium tour.

Fan store

Valencia has a pretty nice online shop with an English interface. There you can get the official kits, Valencia’s training jerseys, and things like caps and sleepwear with the logo of the team. You can also find some cool and funny souvenirs there like Valencia fan’s mugs and teddy bears. If you prefer shopping offline, there is a fan store just at Mestalla. Also, you can find Megastore at Avenida Marqués Sotelo, 1. The distance from Mestalla to Megastore is about 1 mile.

Things to do in Valencia

Central Market in Valencia

Valencia’s attractions are quite numerous and if you get a chance to have an extended vacation in this marvellous Mediterranean city, I certainly suggest you do so. The historical buildings intertwine with the art deco architecture. The classic horse carriages at Valencian squares mix with the roars of the modern cars. The beaches are truly lovely, wide, long, and peaceful. But whenever you want to feel yourself in the fuss of a big city, you can certainly visit Valencia’s Central Market, one of the city’s vivid shopping centres, or Europe’s biggest aquarium known as Oceanografic Valencia.

Sightseeing tour

Many tourists like to start getting acquainted with a new city taking a hop-on hop-off tour. In Valencia, it may work for you just great. The buses are not very new comparing to the most touristic European cities. But again, if you just need to get the first impression, to feel the city’s spirit, and to discover most of the Valencian attractions within a limited timeframe, those buses are clearly essential. Convenient multilingual audio guides will help you to enjoy the ride even more. The tour prices start at £8 and they have very good rates for 48-hour tours.

Top 3 places to visit

Central Market (Mercado Central) – is the best place to visit in Valencia when you are hungry or want to go grocery shopping. The smells, the sounds, and the overall atmosphere of the place are terrific. You will be dreaming about visiting it again for a long time after you leave Valencia. Vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, fruitarians, and people of all other food preferences will find a variety of tasty things there. It’s quite possible to walk from Mercado Central to Mestalla but it will take you about 30 minutes.

Bioparc Valencia – is a unique zoo which will change your dogmas about the zoos in general. In this animal park, the visitors are surrounded by wild animals in the cosiest way for all parties. The animals can interact with the other animals of their natural habitat, while the visitors can enjoy discovering the complexity of our world’s ecosystems. The African zone is especially magnificent at this beautiful park.

City of the Arts and Sciences – is a huge and gorgeous complex with lots of amazing things to explore. It’s an example of the 21st-century architecture which will remain the business card of our epoch for the descendants. It’s such a breathtaking place, you better go there once than read about it thousands of web pages. The complex includes an innovative centre of interactive science, the largest aquarium in Europe, lovely gardens alongside the river, opera house, IMAX cinema, and much more.