Key facts

Address Trent Road, Grantham NG31 7XQ, England
Capacity 7,500 seats
Build Date 1991


South Kesteven Sports Stadium is located in Grantham, the UK. It is the permanent home for Grantham Town (also referred to as The Gingerbreads), a football club that was founded in 1874.

After changing a range of ground, Grantham Town F.C. moved to the stadium in 1991. There used to be the Meres playing fields located instead of South Kesteven Sports Stadium. That is why the current stadium is also often referred to as the Meres. In 1990, the stadium was closed. The construction of the new stadium soon began, which took around one year. South Kesteven Sports Stadium was opened in 1991.

In 1998, the stadium was visited by 3,695 people who wanted to enjoy the match that was held by Grantham Town and Southport. This is still the highest attendance of the ground.

Today, it is a spacious venue, which capacity is enough for 7,500 people, including 650 seats. Covered terraces are also available for 1,950 people.

The West Stand has uncovered terracing on both sides. It is located on one side of the pitch. The East Stand comes with a covered terrace. It is located on the other side of the pitch. Since there is the running track, no stands could be installed behind the goals.