Key facts

Address Stanley Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, England
Capacity 60,000 seats
Build Date Cancelled


It was supposed to be a football stadium located in Liverpool that was planned to become the home ground o Liverpool F.C. instead of Anfield. It was planned that the stadium would feature 60,000 seats.

Initially, there were two designs of the stadium. According to the first one developed by architects AFL, the capacity of the stadium would reach 60,000 people, and according to the second one, the stadium would have a futuristic design with the capacity that could be increased over the time up to 73,000 people.

Originally, the opening ceremony was planned to take place in 2006. However, the design that was permitted in 2003 was not implemented due to financial problems. Later, the architects from HKS were given a task to make a design of a 60,000 all-seater stadium, with the option to be increased up to 73,000. The new futuristic design would cost 400 million of pounds. The permission was granted. However, the owners did not manage to find financial sources, and the work never began.

At the beginning of 2012, only some works were conducted on the site. The ownership was changed, which led to delays, and in the autumn of the same year, Fenway Sports Group, the new owners, announced about redeveloping and expanding Anfield, the current club stadium, instead of building the new stadium.